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3 Life Lessons I Learned As An Army Wife: My Recent TEDx Talk

I recently gave my first TEDx Talk and hence as soon as my link went live on the TED YouTube channel, I was being told that this was probably the first Army Wife TEDx Talk. Can you believe that? I am the first Indian Army Wife to speak at a TED event and also, the first one to speak about the life, the struggles and the undying strength of the Army Wives and families.

Needles to say. I am damn proud.

Even if I do appear a bit nervous in the video, and even if there were a few technical glitches in the production – I am proud about my Army Wife TEDx Talk.

Here is the video, please watch and share:

The purpose behind picking the subject: Three Life Lessons I Learned As An Army Wife was simple. I wanted to talk about the inspiring lives of all those who stand behind the brave soldiers. I wanted to shed some light to the relentless struggles that Army families face willingly, all the while feeling immensely proud to be associated with the Olive Greens. I wanted to tell the world that while the soldiers and the nation focuses on the Motherland, we focus on the mother, the father, the kids, the household.

And when I say Army Wives, I mean all our Indian Armed Forces wives, kids and families – a special breed of brave and awe-inspiring people I’ve been luck enough to come across.

The reason our soldiers go out thereto protect the boundaries is because they know that an equally strong force of strong people is protecting the house front.

That’s the power of the Army Wives, the Army Families. I salute them!

Hope you like this Army Wife TEDx Talk, and I hope to be able to speak much more on the subject.

Jai Hind!

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