Health care tips for traveling with kids

Child-Care Tips For a Mom Who Loves To Travel – AllAyurveda Gives You the best Mother’s Day gift!

Tips for Traveling With a Kid

You know I travel with my daughter all the time. From taking Offbeat Himalayan vacations with her, to enjoying ourselves at luxury hotels – we’ve developed our own Travel Buddies equation that is special and unique. Come to think of it, we have also done small hikes together with the same laughter and passion with which we built sand castles on the beaches of Goa.

I have written quite a lot about travelling with kids (it started when she was a baby and in later stages, with a toddler), giving my two cents about the learnings, the memories and the joy it brings to parents.

[Read The 10 Best Tips For Travelling With Kids for some tips that I have learned from my various trips with Gauri, my daughter.]

Best Tips for Traveling with Kids
Best Tips for Traveling with Kids

Challenges of traveling with a kid

And it goes without saying that I’m no stranger to sudden health related situations that come as a part and parcel of traveling with a kid. Form stomach flues to sniffling cold – my daughter and I have been through it all.

Still I always say that travelling with your children is an enriching experience. You have unadulterated fun with them, as long as they are healthy and happy. But when they are cranky and irritable, something that often happens when you take them on a trip, it can dampen the spirit, to say the very least.

Now that the summer holidays are almost upon us, many mothers are probably planning trips with their babies and I thought of sharing a few health tips with you that I recently learned and have come to trust, especially when travelling with a kid.

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Traveling with kids can be fun.
Traveling with kids can be fun.

See it from their eyes: Change of Perspective

However, let us first understand that travel might be a celebration for us parents, but for children, traveling means being stuck in a small place for a long time with too many strangers, which leaves even those with the sunniest disposition in a bad mood.  If you’re taking a flight, add the painful ear pressure and fluctuating temperature and soon enough you’ll have a wailing baby and glaring co-passengers to deal with.

So, when traveling with kids, see it from the kid’s perspective and start by making the trip fun and comfortable for her/him.

And if, god forbid, the child does get any kind of health issues while you are on the trip, it is best to consult a doctor wherever you are at the moment.

But as they say, prevention is better than cure – and since we mothers know our kids and their tendencies a lot better than anything else, I like to be prepared. This is where Ayurveda comes in picture.

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Health Care Tips to remember when Traveling with Kids
Health Care Tips to remember when Traveling with Kids

AllAyurveda, My new discovery

I recently discovered AllAyurveda and here are some interesting tips from them that I endorse, to help you handle your baby while you enjoy that holiday you’ve planned.

  • Pack enough healthy snacks while on the road – include healthy snacking, with tasty options which kids will like. I personally like a mixed nut packet with almonds, raisins, walnuts, sunflower seeds etc – keeps the kid full of energy and is equally healthy. Might also curb the craving for chips and cola while on the road!
  • Healthy drinks to keep kids hydrated – you can try some yummy Ayurvedic drinks to avoid travel sickness that is pretty common in younger kids.
  • Ensure your child has slept well the night before. According to AllAyurveda, a comforting massage with warming oils such as sesame can prove to be wonderful. Also, adding a few drops of sleep-inducing scents such as organic lavender or chamomile essential oils adds to the effect. Alternatively, you can also give the child a cup of organic milk with a pinch of nutmeg, ground cardamom, cinnamon and a spot of honey.
  • Don’t forget the entertainment factor – take Kindle if the kid is old enough (and interested) to read, smart phones or tabs with apps that are both, entertaining and educative. For younger kids, packing colouring supplies or sticker books is also a good option. I take Gauri’s Oh! My Name personalized book on trips and she loves it.

JeevikaTyagi, CEO, say, “The goal of Ayurveda is to travel light, live light, spread the light and be the light.”

I believe that traveling with kids is great if the kids are having fun and are healthy. And our kids can be our best travel partners if we plan things well and take care of their comfort. So, it pays to plan ahead. What are your tips to traveling with children? Do share with me in the comments sections.

Happy Travelling!


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    hey, that’s a great promoting article about the travelling with kids, I have seen many couples who left kids home while travelling, but I noticed with kids you get a chance to know the new perspective of watching some things.

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