Taiwan: Heaven on Earth – Cliche, but true

I have been sharing Travel News about Taiwan on this travel blog already, because I wish to plan a Trip to Taiwan pretty soon. Recently, my good friend (and fabulous person in general) Sandhya traveled to Taiwan and her stories made me even more curious about this colorful & fascinating  dream destination.

How to plan a Trip to Taiwan, what are the best travel tips for Taiwan, where to eat in Taiwan, is Taiwan a kid friendly travel destination – these are just some of the questions I asked her. But then I had a better idea – I requested her to give me a guest post so that all of you can read it as well. Genius, I know.

So here is a travel guest post on Taiwan. Enjoy.

Yehliu Geopark, Trip to Taiwan
A Trip to Taiwan is not complete without Yehliu Geopark

Taiwan – not many people around the world know about this gorgeous country. Taiwan is in Asia, east of Hong Kong/China and north of the Philippines. Taiwan is an island country, similar to Singapore (where I live), but is much larger and much more diverse. Taiwan is so scenic and has so much of natural beauty that visiting this awesome country was so much worth it.

Chinese temple on top of a mountain in Taipei: Trip to Taiwan
Chinese temple on top of a mountain in Taipei: Trip to Taiwan

My husband and I love travelling, especially to countries that are less visited and not so “touristy”. Being in Singapore, it is very convenient and quite economical to travel to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ximending Youth Shopping District, Trip to taiwan
Ximending Youth Shopping District

Over the last few years, I noticed few of my friends planning a vacation to Taiwan and all of them had wonderful experiences. So I started exploring online about this country and did not find too much information, due to the fact that it was only in recent times that Taiwan has been a tourist attraction. In March 2016, I booked tickets to Taiwan for my husband, my 3 year old son and myself on Tiger Airways, as they had a great deal and the travel dates were in Jan 2017. So I had a lot of time to plan this trip, like I do for other trips – but this one I decided not to over plan or over think it. So I only booked hotels, planned on which places to visit, booked a driver + car for the 9 days we were there.

Trip to Taiwan: Taipei
Trip to Taiwan: Taipei

The driver picked us up from the airport the day we arrived in Taipei and from then on it was the best trip and best place I have ever visited and I will never forget the experience, and neither will my husband and son. We did a 9-day road trip starting in Taipei, then to the east of the island country, then mid-south and ending in central Taiwan. The reason for this is because, the east and central are the most scenic and less populated places. North and west of Taiwan are where people live and work. The whole drive from north to east and then to central Taiwan, was breath-taking with us taking breaks to take in the beauty and capture photographs for memories and sharing.

Trip to Taiwan: What ti eat in Taiwan? There are a lot of choices.
Trip to Taiwan: What ti eat in Taiwan? There are a lot of choices.

We visited Taipei, Yangmingshan Nature Park, Yehliu Geopark and Jiufen, Hualien and pebble beach, Taroko gorge, Alishan mountain, sunrise at Alishan and Sun Moon Lake. While Alishan was over priced and over sold, rest of the places were awesome. The drive throughout was with mountains on one side and the beautiful ocean on the other side. The weather was cool and perfect and truly an unforgettable trip.

Love, the different way. Trip to Taiwan.
Love, the different way

Photographs taken by me of Taipei, Yehliu and Jiufen are below. More pictures to follow!

TAIWAN – if there exists a place called Heaven – it is in Taiwan.

This post is just a teaser to get you excited for the upcoming posts on Taiwan, with tips, more pictures and exciting adventures for parents and your kiddos 🙂

Yehliu Geopark: Trip to Taiwan
Yehliu Geopark: Trip to Taiwan


Sandhya is a crazy entrepreneurial scientist and science journalist who has recently ventured into travel (#TravelnBetterBlog) and fashion (#YesIamCurvalicious) blogging. Her latest venture, SciGlo, is all about helping people in STEM. She is a science enthusiast and wears many hats – Programme Manager at SBIC, A*STAR; Founder & Director, SciGlo; Co-founder and Author, Biotechin.Asia; startup mentor at Vertical VC; and a mother of a very active and inquisitive toddler. Sandhya holds a PhD in Biological Sciences and lives in Singapore.

Multi-tasking and good time management is her key to success. She is fond of good vegetarian food and loves to travel in comfort and style. She has already traveled to over 30 countries and dreams of retiring at 40 and travel the rest of the world. She is constantly planning for her next trip! Website: www.sandhyasriram.com

All pictures are clicked and owned by Sandhya.

Catch me on Instagram, I sometimes do fun Insta Stories: @adicrazy

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    (March 18, 2018 - 10:59 pm)

    I’m really glad you enjoyed your trip to Taiwan! I am a Taiwanese living in Pune. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. Wish more people would plan a trip to Taiwan~

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