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Jim Corbett The Grand Way: Patlidun Safari Lodge, A Review

Jim Corbett is one of the most popular destinations for travellers and vacationers in North India, and it is also a famous weekend getaway from Delhi NCR. And this post will take you through the grand Experiential Travel weekend I spent at Patlidun Safari Lodge, as I review this stunning property.

I have been to Jim Corbett National Park a few times, and have experienced a fun mother-daughter weekend trip here, a fun trip with friends few years back and a few FAM trips by with fellow Travel Bloggers. My stay at Patlidun Safari Lodge Jim Corbett was planned as a family trip, to relax over the weekend. Before this, I will be honest, I had not heard about Patlidun – but the website showed tempting pictures and absolutely convinced, we were all set for our weekend in Jim Corbett.

Patlidun Safari Lodge, Jim Corbett
The Play Room.

We – a family of three – stayed at Patlidun Safari Lodge for two days and here is my review of the property:

About Patlidun Safari Lodge, the property:

Patlidun Safari Lodge, A Tradition Beyond Tigers – that’s the tag line of the lodge and it holds true to the essence of the place. This is a luxury resort that aims at bringing the traditional and local experiences at par with luxury and adventure activities. The literal meaning of the word ‘Patlidun’ is Narrow valley, and this is the original name of the geographical area that is now called the Jim Corbett National Park. The property is owned by Templeton Suites & Resorts, and is a prime example of how luxury and local tradition form the two main parts of Experiential Travel.

The lodge covers a huge area which has 12 luxury cottages / rooms, one restaurant, a lounge, snack and barbecue spots, a Sap, a play room, a small outdoor adventure area for kids, a vast organic vegetable farm and a well done reception with a rooftop that is beautiful and is called Thulkudi. There is also a gift shop, should you need to pick up some local jams or souvenirs.

Pretty corners at Patlidun Safari Lodge
Pretty corners at Patlidun Safari Lodge

The entire property is made in a way that gives the guest a taste of authentic local culture along with top class luxury. The architecture is all Kumaoni – originating from the Kumaon region of Humalayas. With traditional slate roofs, names that are taken from local language and the rustic wooden signboards that guide you within this 12 acre area – everything about Patlidun Safari Lodge is endearing.

The balance between luxury and local culture that I experience at Patlidun Safari Lodge is remarkable.

How To Reach Patlidun Safari Lodge in Jim Corbett:

We drove to Patlidun Safari Lodge, Jim Corbett from Dehradun, and it took us close to 6 hours. The distance from Dehradun to Patlidun is 239km approximately. Distance from other major locations are:

Gurgaon to Patlidun Safari Lodge, Jim Corbett: 305 km

New Delhi to Patlidun Safari Lodge, Jim Corbett: 275 km

Noida to Patlidun Safari Lodge, Jim Corbett: 266 km

Chandigarh to Patlidun Safari Lodge, Jim Corbett: 407 km

The car park for Patlidun Safari Lodge is at Mohan, which is a little ahead of Rannagar. Mohan is the receiving area for the lodge, and is 3 km before the lodge itself. We were welcomed with fresh fruit juice here, and we enjoyed our glasses on the rooftop deck that is very charming with flowers and  plants. [Reminded me of my offbeat stay in Sursingdhar]

Situated away from all other commercial hotels and resorts in Jim Corbett, reaching Patlidun Safari Lodge is an adventure in itself – one that you will absolutely love!

From Mohan our luggage and all three of us were asked to hop in on 4×4 safari jeep driven by a spirited lady Dhanya – Jim Corbett’s first female naturalist! And thus began our short but exciting off-roading on a 45-degree incline. We loved the experience, going on a jeep on steep and narrow mountain road to arrive at the lodge. What a start!

Property at First Glance:

Patlidun safari lodge jim corbett
The roof top

Our first impression of Patlidun Safari Lodge was something like – wow, how did they build all this up here? haha, what can I say, I had come this far from the usual resort/hotel hot spot in Ramnagar for the first time. After a traditional teeka and water, we were taken to the roof top, or the Thulkudi. This rooftop sits at an advantage point and gives a scenic view of the Jim Corbett National Park. The space is done artfully, with pieces sourced locally and furniture complimenting the traditional decor. The check in formalities were finished here, as we sipped a refreshing drink or some local fruit spiked with some masala.

Dhanya gave us a brief introduction of the property and pointed out the restaurant [restaurant reminds me, if you like Goa and Greek Feed, you have to read my review of GRECO], the lounge etc to us. The spa looked very cool, but we did not get time to try any treatment. The play room has a Foosball table, a Table Tennis table and some more things to keep you occupied for long. There were birds all around us, various types! We were also shown the various trees that line the property. It was truly magical view.

By the time we were done, it was time for evening snacks at the Dhabha but we were eager to see our room. So, we promised to freshen up and head for tea soon, and followed the staff members through a pebbled path towards our room.

Our Room/ Luxury Cottage at Patlidun in Jim Corbett:

Patlidun Safari Lodge A Review Travel Blog India Jim Corbett
The bed.

Our room was a grand experience in itself. Huge, luxurious and extremely well done, the room immediately became our favorite part of the vacation. The rooms here are called Luxury Cottages, and the design is made for the guests to embrace the outdoors in every way possible. The entry to our luxury cottage was through a small patio surrounded by mud walls. A bright colored door took us to a  living room that has a couch, a work station and an attached toilet.

Tea/Coffee supplies along with a electric kettle, a bowl of fresh fruits and cookies were their to welcome us.

The living room was connected to the bedroom by a glass door. The bed had a huge and exciting Star Window on top – you can either let the blinds cover it or just open them up to let the sunlight enter, or even gaze at the stars at night. We had so much fun at nights because it was like sleeping under the stars for real, but with the comfort of the bed and the AC controlled temperatures to suit the our kid. True luxury!

Patlidun Safari Lodge A Review Travel Blog India Jim Corbett
The luxurious Bathroom.

One full wall of the bedroom was a glass window, overlooking the open space of the Jim Corbett National Park. A Chaarpai and a rocking chair were kept in the backyard, where I curled up to read a book as the husband and the kid dipped in the pool. Pure bliss, I assure you.

Our Private Plunge Pool at Patlidun Safari Lodge in Jim Corbett
Our Private Plunge Pool at Patlidun Safari Lodge in Jim Corbett

Each cottage at Patlidun Safari Lodge has a private plunge pool at the backyard, and is connected through a glass door in the spacious bathroom. The bathroom had a claw footed metal bath tub and was a delight, no doubt.

The room even has a discreet service window – for times when you don’t want to go out to eat or even to dress up to answer the door for room service. Brilliant idea, I say. We did not use this, though, because we were always torn between staying in and going out – and going out always won.

A glimpse of our room and the evening snack spot at Patlidun Safari Lodge, Jim Corbett
A glimpse of our room and the evening snack spot.


Risya, the restaurant at Patlidun Safari Lodge is a treat to the eyes, even before you taste the food. Rustic tables with bright fabric, and friendly staff offering a second and a third helping of food – this is what Risya is all about. The redbrick fireplace is stunning, and I hope the next time I see fire burning away while I devour my food.

The cuisines served at Risya are primarily Indian, Italian, Chinese and Continental.


For breakfast, we headed to Risya and claimed a table outdoors. The breakfast spread had eggs to order, sausages (chicken), bread/toast, tea/coffee/milk, fresh fruits, smoothies (2 flavors), fresh juices (2 flavors), poha (beaten rice), paranthas and idlis (steamed rice cakes).

Risya, the restaurant.
Risya, the restaurant.


For lunch, Risya served a delicious Indian and Italian selection. I tried the Dal Makhani, Chicken Masala and some Pasta in white sauce. Our daughter enjoyed the pasta and the salad a lot.


For evening snacks, we headed to Chahapani – the outdoor Dhabha. Along with masala ginger tea, we were handed leaf bowls full of tangy kaale chane ki chaat. I loved it! There were slices of freshly baked fruit cake, muffins, khari and also bread pakoras with green chutney. Snacks were a yummy affair at Patlidun Safari Lodge, and we loved all items that they served here.


Towards the early evening, around 7 pm everyday, a barbecue session is organized a little ahead of the evening snacks spot. Sitting around a hearty fire, with a live counter for vegetarian and non vegetarian snacks was a good way to bring in the night. Stories by the staff of elephants that came by the property every now and then, to leopard spotting and birding entertained us and made us laugh.


The first night we had dinner at Risya. The other night, we asked if we can watch a wildlife movie in the lounge Chakh while having dinner, and the staff was quick to arrange it for us. I had some yummy spaghetti while the husband tried the local mutton preparation with naan. Our daughter seemed to be interested in fried rice with some dal, and by the end of the dinner, we were all stuffed. We got back to out room, and slept under the stars by keeping the blind off.

The Lounge:

Chakh - the lounge.
Chakh – the lounge.

Chakh is a recreational area with books, tables to sit comfortably on and hold discussions with friends and family. They also have a projector on which they can play wildlife related movies, documentaries and also, the television channels. With walls that speak of the rich heritage of the place Patlidun Safari Lodge is nestled in, this lounge is a delight.

The Service, The People:

The service at Patlidun is at par with any luxury, five star property in the country. The people are warm and helpful, the staff is prompt and friendly. This forms a big part of any travel experience because people are what make a place. We especially loved Dhanya and Ganesh who told us a lot about the place, and Ritu at the front office was exceptionally helpful and overall great as well.

Overall Experience:

My stay at Patlidun Safari Lodge was the perfect blend of luxury and local culture, the great Jim Corbett National Park outdoors and the famous Kumaoni hospitality. My daughter had a fabulous time here, and we, the parents, were happy to see that her love for the outdoors keeps growing – while her comfort is well taken care of. Overall, our stay at Patlidun Safari Lodge was a marvelous experience, one that we would want to experience again.

The organic vegetable farm.
The organic vegetable farm.

Special Mention:

The evening tea-time snacks at Patlidun Safari Lodge are delicious, don’t miss out on this.

The private plunge pool with the open shower is very enjoyable for the kid.

Walk out of the enclosure towards the organic gardens and to the small adventure area for kids.

I hope this review makes you want to look up Patlidun Safari Lodge soon, and answers the question: Where to stay in Jim Corbett?

This is one of the exclusive luxury stay experience in Jim Corbett, and when you stay there, do let me know what your experience was like. I’d love to know if your experience was the same as mine, because I am sure the hospitality at Patlidun Safari Lodge will never disappoint.

Happy Travelling!

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