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Oh! My Name – Personalized Children’s Book Review

Reading is very important to me, even more than writing. And I’ve written two books, I hope to write more, I blog regularly, I write travel blogs and other lifestyle related articles and posts for a few platforms other than this blog – which is a lot of writing but reading is still on top of everything else for me.

Needless to say, I hope my daughter Gauri grows up to fall in love with books and stories as well. She’s 4 years old right now and cannot read herself, but she won’t go to sleep without me reading several bed time stories to her, from books I’ve collected over these 4 years – or before she pretends to read from one of these books, making up her own story as she goes from page to page. It’s adorable, her stories go from fairies and magical talking cats, to X-Men and little girls who save the world from a bald dragon.

Books, I believe, feed the imagination of little kids and I love when little ones believe that nothing is impossible.

Personalized Children's Book: Oh! My Name Review
The Oh! My Name Personalized Children’s Book comes with a good quality adorable puppet.

Needless to say, I always keep an eye out for good books for my daughter, stories that are not only age appropriate, but also exciting and special. And this is where personalized children’s book comes into picture.

What are personalized children’s book?

Well, these are books that are aimed at a specific age group with tailor made stories – and the technology makes it possible to name the main character after your kid. These books, as you can probably tell, end up being very special to kids who can read. But for those who can’t read just yet, these personalized children’s books become almost like the favorite teddy that they want to cuddle and sleep with.

Personalized Children's Book: Oh! My Name Review
The cute puppet enhances the story telling experience.

A popular concept in America and a few other countries, the personalized children’s book idea is brilliant, according to me because I know that the 10 years old me would have been thrilled beyond compare to have a book with my the main character names after me. However, initially I did not find an easy alternative in India.

I had been on a look out for a personalized children’s book since almost 8 to 9 months, and finally when we taught Gauri to spell her first name, it became my top priority to find out a book that has her name in the story. So, I searched and researched a lot – This is when I found Oh! My Name.

Personalized Children's Book: Oh! My Name Review
Wonderful concept for keeping kids interested.

The order process is VERY simple, took me about two minutes to place the order. They also offer a good quality free puppet with every personalized children’s book and the prices are very reasonable as well.

The delivery was very quick, and the puppet that came with the book is adorable!

Gauri loved the book from the go and loves showing it to our guests, spelling out her name on the cover. It is heartwarming to watch.

Personalized Children's Book: Oh! My Name Review
Gauri loves her name in the book.

Adorable, isn’t it? If you want a similar book for your kid, just go on the website and order one. Along with the Kid’s name, Oh! My Name also gives an option to add a personal message from the parents/gift-er which will be printed on the first page of the book, at no extra cost.

Now Gauri loves the story and loves her name in the book even more. I guess what makes the kid happy is that the story makes her feel special. I can already imagine how much more exciting this could be for kids who can read.

If your children like to read, or if like me, you want them to make reading a habit, I recommend adding a personalized children’s book to their collection because it’s special. So if you’re tempted, go get an Oh! My Name for the little munchkins.

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