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My Big Fat Greek Dinner: Eating At GRECO in South Goa

Where to eat delicious Greek Food in Goa? The answer is GRECO.

When in Goa, eat Goan Food – that’s almost general knowledge. But what if you are in Goa for a long trip and want to give some other cuisine a chance? Worry not, there are obviously plenty of options in Goa. And during my last trip – yes, the same one where I fell in love with South Goa [ please read my answer to the popular Where To Stay in Goa – North Goa – South Goa debate ] – I branched out and tried Greek food in south Goa. This is a review post for my big fat Greek lunch at GRECO in Radisson Blu, Cavelossim, Goa.

I spent half of my Goa vacation in South Goa, staying at the incredibly charming Dona Sylvia Beach Resort [Review coming up soon]. The resort is bang on the Cavelossim Beach in South Goa, and on the other side is the sprawling property of Radisson Blu. Greco is their brand new restaurant that promises authentic Greek cuisine.

The Decor, A Santorini Flashback

The Outdoor Seating at Greco., a Greek restaurant in Gia
The Outdoor Seating at Greco.

The decor is the first thing you notice at Greco. The restaurant sits inside the premises of Radisson Blu in Cavelossim, Goa, but has a separate – and very impressive at that! – entrance as well. The stark white walls and bright blue accents are straight out of a Santorini dream. The bougainvillea trees around the white pillars are a great touch and the vibe is successfully Greek. The tables-chairs in the outside seating area are rustic and elegant. Indoors, Greco has a spacious and well done dining area which earlier used to be a night club.

However, if the weather is cooperating, I generally prefer the outdoors so after a short while at a well laid table inside, I requested a move at a table outside. In the middle of January, it was perfect out there, and Oh-So-Greek, especially if you pretend the bougainvillea flowers were actually olives, ha ha.

The Food, A Greek Affair

Greco in Goa, Greek Food Heavem

Before the wining and dining began, we met with Chef Stelios – the head chef at Greco. He is from Athens and brings with him the authentic flavors of Greece to Goa.  Of course, bringing out the exact Greek characters in the dishes while using Indian grown produce is rather tricky. Most Indian products – yogurt, fresh herbs, tomatoes – taste very different from their Mediterranean versions. However, it is still the best Greek food I’ve had in India, including a couple of big names in the metros, so kudos to the team.

Our menu was set by the chef and his team, something which I always LOVE because A.) this way you know that you are being offered the best according to the specialists and can judge it accordingly for a review like this one, and B.) it saves you from the ordeal that is looking at a tempting menu and having to decide. Clearly, convenience trumps  freedom of choice for me when it comes to food, but I can assure you that it was totally worth it.


We started our meal with a traditional hot chicken soup called Kotosoupa. It was light, with a subtle lemon flavor. I am not a big fan of heavy soups that kill the appetite in my case, but decided to try this on the chef’s recommendations and liked it a lot.

The Greek Mezze
The Greek Mezze

The Mezze Platter became my weakness during my long trip to Israel [Read about my recent Israel Trip for some unexpected stories], and so I ordered the Greek Mezze at Greco. The ones I used to eat in Israel were slightly different that the Greek Mezze, mostly in terms of dips, but equally as delicious. This is a trio of Tzatziki, Egglant salad in olive oil, Kalamata olive paste and fresh pita.

Main Course at Greco

Greek Salad at Greco
Greek Salad

When in Greece, don’t miss the salad – so we also tried the classic Greek Salad. It was a treat – fresh, crunchy, delicious and very appetizing.

Moussaka, at Greco in Goa.
Moussaka, at Greco in Goa.

Moussaka was another recommendation from the staff and it was perfect. It is a layered vegetarian dish made using sauteed eggplant, perfectly roasted potatoes and oozing cheese. I had never tried this Greek delicacy before and loved it at Greco. A must try!

Chicken Souvalki at Greco, Goa
Chicken Souvalki

We tried the Chicken Souvalki as well. This consists of boneless chicken on skewers, served with a side of crispy potato wedges, pita and a dip. The potato wedges were good, pita was devoured in minutes, flavor was spot on but I found the chicken to be a bit dry – maybe that’s because I’m used to buttery (read greasy) chicken tikka, so try it for yourself and decide.

Greek Dessert

Portokalopita, Greek Dessert at Greco.
Portokalopita, Greek Dessert at Greco.

This Greek affair ended on a high note at Greco with Portokalopita – a Greek Dessert that was as much a treat for the eyes as it was for the taste buds. Portokalopita is a Greek yogurt cake with the aromas and blends of fresh oranges and cinnamon. The cake itself feels layered and the gorgeous orange and cinnamon syrup ensures this cake stays beautifully moist. What a perfect end to a hearty meal!


We decided to take the chef’s suggestions and went with an exquisite Greek white wine, and also tried a delicious mocktail of fresh citrus juice. Greco has specially selected wines all the way from Greece, to go well with your Greek food. I suggest you go with the recommendations as well because every bit adds to the experience of eating at Greco.

Delicious Greek Affair at Greco.
Delicious Greek Affair at Greco.

Also, every dish we ordered came styled and presented extremely well. With authentic Greek cuisine to excellent presentation and ambiance, dining at Greco is a unique gourmet experience for sure.

Staff & Service at Greco, A Special Mention

The staff and service at Greco are A Class, as you would expect from anything that’s a part of a luxury hotel like Radisson Blu. However, the staff here went out of their way to make sure we – and all other guests dining at Greco at the time – had a wonderful time. The Chefs were the highlight of this experience, mainly because their passion seemed to seep into the environment as well.

To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. And that is what seems to be at the heart of Greco.

The main entrance for Greco, Goa
The main entrance.

Needless to say, I loved my Greek food experience with Greco in Goa, and I highly recommend you try it. As they say, hospitality has little to do with food and more to do with the people, I want to thank Chef Mahesh and Radisson Blu Cavelossim Goa for being incredible hosts and taking great care of the three of us.

Pro Tip for dining at Greco: Grab a table outside and get instantly transported to Santorini. I’m not kidding, their outside seating gives you major Greece travel goals and makes the experience of relishing Greek food, even better.

Happy Travelling.

PS: I was invited by the Radisson Blu Cavelossim Goa team to Greco. The opinion and review, however, are honest and purely my own. Also, while you’re reading about Goa – check out my review of Air Asia Flight from Delhi to Goa ]

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4 thoughts on “My Big Fat Greek Dinner: Eating At GRECO in South Goa


    (March 25, 2017 - 6:04 am)

    Nice review and pictures. I ate at an authentic Greek restaurant in Ohio last night. The food was excellent. One entire wall was a painting of the caldera at Santorini, which I have visited.


    (March 28, 2017 - 1:31 pm)

    Yes, yes yes… Iwas there too..last winter. And really liked the greek food.
    Really they have some amazing chefs

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