Travel Trends For 2017: A SATTE Prediction

To explore the world of possibilities in Travel, and to find out the Travel Trends for 2017, I recently attended a day of India’s biggest and most robust travel trade expo in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi – SATTE. The show was organized by UBM India, and in its 24th edition, this 3 day event garnered active participation from the cross section of global and Indian travel and tourism markets.

Noteworthy here is the fact that SATTE 2017 extended a big support to the cause of Sustainable Tourism (Please read my article on the topic on Huffington Post) , bringing Responsible Tourism to center stage at the inaugural event. Also, SKAL, a professional organization of international tourism leaders, announced its association with UBM India to host the 78th edition of the SKAL World Congress, for the first time in India, at Hyderabad from October 5-8, 2017.

SATTE is a comprehensive platform for domestic and international buyers from across the travel, tourism and hospitality industry along with National and State Tourism Boards (NTOs and STOs) to congregate and conduct business, arrive at solution-driven innovations to counteract economic uncertainties, and promote inbound, outbound and domestic tourism in India. Adding more weight to the cause is the fact that the platform is also well-supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Govt. of India.

This year the expo saw participation from almost all State Tourism Boards. As far as NTOs are concerned, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Israel, Thailand, Indonesia, and more. From India, Toursim Boards from states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka were present.

Travel Trends 2017, SATTE
Registration Desk at SATTE 2017. The Travel Trends for 2017 look exciting already!

SATTE 2017 also saw an active participation from travel & hospitality companies, airlines, cruise liners, DMCs, OTAs and tourism products. The highlight of SATTE an however be the fact that the team works closely with renowned travel associations, organisations and media houses, keeping visitors and buyers at the show well-informed on trends and updates of the industry.

Speaking about the upcoming Travel Trends in 2017, Mr. Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, UBM India – who was as passionate about the show as he was busy managing it with his energetic and competent team- said that Responsible Tourism is going to be their focus in the coming years as well, along with the overall development of Travel & Tourism in the sector.

How could I have not asked for the travel trends that he sees emerging in the upcoming year. right? Well, here is the prediction:

Travel Trends 2017, SATTE, Travel Trends for 2017
During the SATTE Travel Award Ceremony in New Delhi

5 Travel Trends for 2017 – 2018:

  1. Smart Travel: We all use various apps, right? Travellers use apps to help their trips become easier to plan and execute, including me! This is going to be one of the top Travel Trends for 2017. Push notifications from apps with information about nearby attractions, highly rated restaurants in the user’s vicinity and more to ensure less time is utilized in researching a new venue.
  2. Experiential and Adventure Travel: You know how much I love Adventure Travel, so this trend makes me happy. Be is spending time at culinary classes and demo kitchens, or kayaking and surfing in Goa, Sky Diving in Israel like I did or expedition cruises across Thailand, photography and pottery workshops, fishing holiday, self-driven holidays and yoga retreats rather than material buying – all this is going to be trendy and popular in 2017.  With this kind of travel on the rise, there are all the more reasons to visit Egypt, right?
  3. The rise of chic holiday dorms and hostels: Budget travel is already gaining popularity with the youth today, and even a luxury traveller like me feels compelled to try a backpacking trip across Europe soon. For the younger customer, who doesn’t want to burn a hole in his pocket, is outdoorsy and eager to make new like-minded friends –  this is the best kind of travel trend.
  4. Homestays, Ecotourism, Sustainability and Volunteering driven holidays: Eco-friendly home stays, to enable a better feel of the culture, language and lifestyle of the places, Volunteer and charity driven travel to raise awareness for a cherished cause are going to be a top Travel Trends for 2017. And why not? Home Stays have a certain charm that no one can deny, and sustainable tourism is something that needs to be pushed harder with every trip we take.
  5. The rise of the Business Traveller: I love traveling for work, and it for sure is a trend gaining quick momentum. Driven by factors such as globalization, policy and regulatory support by the government authorities, India is witnessing the highest growth rate in business travel across the globe and is positioned to be second only to China by 2020.

If you’re interested or intrigued by the Travel and Tourism industry, I urge you to check out the next SATTE expo.

Happy Travelling!

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