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Fall in Love With Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa: Thailand Resort Review

Tales about my recent trip to Thailand will not be complete without a shout out to Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa in Phuket, which added the much needed luxury factor to the my Thailand trip and took the glamour quotient up by several notches. Stunning property, great service, yummy food, warm staff – It was a stay that I will remember fondly for a long time, and all this with compete affordability and ease!

What’s not to love, right?

So I’ve decided to write a detailed review of the resort, to tell you why I loved it, and also to do my bit and help out travelers who are planning a trip to Phuket and trying to find a good stay option. Here we go.

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa
Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa

Phuket is one of my favorite places in Thailand, and I have been there twice this year.

If you’re planning a Thailand trip, I suggest you add Phuket to the itinerary as well because I’m sure you’ll love it. The island of Phuket is an exotic and extremely popular beach holiday destinations in Southeast Asia, and rightly so. Phuket is a fun mix of maritime luxury and breathtaking natural scenery, and has a lot to offer to all kinds of travelers.

If you’ve been following my trips, you know that during my first trip to Phuket this year, I stayed in the heart of Patong which is the most buzzing and popular part of Phuket. Everything that’s worth experiencing in Phuket is either in Patong or is easily arranged/reachable from Patong. Please read my article on Phuket to know more.

However, it was my second visit this year to Phuket, that I enjoyed the most. Since I had experienced the high energy Patong life before, I wanted to explore the calm and serene side of Phuket now, and the Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa fit very well in my plans.

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa Review
Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa


Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa is situated in Thalang, Phuket which is very close to the Laguna Beach as well as the Layan Beach. From Phuket airport, the Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa is an approximately twenty minute drive. The hotel is about a half an hour drive away from Patong, and is a calm, quiet area where one can enjoy a few pristine beaches without the touristy crowds.

Their other property, The Dream Beach Club, is right on the beach with a great pool and DJ in the evenings, in case you’re up for some partying and good cocktails!

Also, the hotel provides free shuttle service everyday to and from Patong, which is VERY convenient!

Please read my article about Best Beaches in Phuket and you’ll see that most are closer to Dream Phuket.

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa Review, Travel Blog India
The Roof Top Pool at Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa


This is a beautiful property, no doubt about it! From outside, the building looks great, but once you step inside, it takes your breath away. The reception is huge and contemporary, and there’s a sparkling blue pool right in front of the reception.

As you walk towards this pool, you see Trilogy, the restaurant on one side.

There is another lovely pool on the roof top with a fully stacked bar called Vu, giving splendid view of the area from the top floor.

The property is well maintained and very clean, even though we stayed here during the so called off season, and this was very impressive.

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa
Dream Phuket – View From The Roof


I stayed at the Pool Suite at the Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa, and it was the best part!

The Pool Suite has two immaculately done bedrooms, a cozy and vibrant living room, a state of art kitchenette and a personal pool.

Both bedrooms have a luxurious bath tub, and separate showers. The living room opens out to a wooden deck and the pool sits along the length of the suite, which is simply amazing.

All the while I was out exploring Phuket and it’s beaches, a part of me longed to go back to the hotel and jump in this pool. Also, all through my stay with Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa, I kept imagining how Gauri, my four year old daughter, would have adored this suite, especially the pool. You already know how obsessed she was with the pool at Namah Resort, Jim Corbett, right? I am sure I will take her there, real soon.

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa Review, Top Travel blog India
My Room!

They have single rooms, rooms that open out to a section in the pool (fun!) and luxurious villas as well, and you can check their accommodation on their official website.

And read till the end for a special discount code on all bookings!

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa Review, Top Travel blog india
This is right outside our Pool Suite.


The food here was good, although I found the menu a little limited. I usually had breakfast and dinner at Trilogy, the restaurant with indoor as well as outdoor terrace dining. The cuisines available here are Modern Thai, Tuscan or Contemporary European Cuisine. Breakfast is a gourmet wonderland of fresh croissants, juices, pastries, an egg station, fruits, a cheese selection and more.

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa review, Thailand trip
Breakfast Spread.

For dinner, we loved their pizza and nachos along with Fried Rice of various varieties that we used to request. Akanksha is a vegetarian so we made a lot of requests! Fried Rice without chicken and egg, Noodles with chicken but not shrimp, and sometimes a meal with shrimp but not eggs – whatever we requested was promptly done by the chef and it was a very cool thing.

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa Food Review blog travel top

The food at Dream Beach Club is also delicious.

I especially loved the Mango with Sticky Rice at Dream Phuket.

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa Food Review blog, top travel blog india
Mango with Sticky Rice.

Services & Staff:

The staff at the Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa was very friendly and helpful. I loved the young team at the reception a lot, they were always smiling and ready to help out with taxi arrangements, shuttle timing and even swim suit shopping (they have a little shop where you can get some really fun things, by the way). The ladies at Trilogy were efficient and attentive. And at the cost of sounding silly, I have to say that their uniforms (well, more like designer evening dresses) were so pretty! We had a slight issue in latching one of the bedroom doors in our suite, and we called the reception about it. It was taken care of in ten minutes.

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa Review Blog, top travel blog in india
The Yummy Welcome Drink at Indulge – Sweet Dreams. 


What’s an exotic beach vacation spot without a little pampering? Exactly.

I tried a Thai Body Massage at Sanctuary, their in house Spa. It was my first time experiencing the famous Thai Massage, and I liked it. They offer a pampering menu of holistic therapies based on the Five Element Therapy of Earth, Wind, Water, Wood and Metal. They also have a beauty treatments like nail care, facials etc.

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa Review blog
Sanctuary – The Spa.

My Favorite Things Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa:

  • The pool in our suite.
  • The roof top bar and pool
  • Dream Beach Club
  • Great staff
Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa Review
The Roof Top Bar at Dream Phuket Hotels & Spa: Vu

I hope this post will tempt you to experience the Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa soon, and I have a surprise for you. You can get a flat 20% discount on all bookings here by using my special code. Exciting, right?

Special Discount: special code AKS2016 at the time of reservation to redeem 20% off published room rates.

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa Review travel blog
Ending thie review with a happy picture. This is me and the pool, my absolute favorite thing at the Dream Phuket.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Phuket, Thailand anytime soon, I hope you try out the Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa. Let me know if you have any questions and I will try my best to help you.

Happy Travelling!


The Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa hosted me for a three night stay during my Thailand Trip. The review, as always, is my honest opinion. I want to go back for another stay there, this time with my family because I enjoyed my time here a lot. If you decide to check them out, do let me know.

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