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4 World Heritage Sites To Visit With Kids

All parents will agree that along with helping their children grow up to be kind, smart and good human beings who will contribute to forming a better society, teaching our children the importance of our heritage is important as well. And, what’s a better way to do it than travel, right?

My readers and friends already know that Gauri, my four-year-old daughter, is my perfect travel companion. She loved our luxury vacation at Jim Corbett last year, as much as she enjoyed our offbeat stay in the Himalayas a few months back.

And here is a list of five World Heritage Sites that I’d love to take my daughter to:

1. TAJ MAHAL: There is nothing I want to do more at the moment than to take my daughter to Taj Mahal and witness it in all its majestic glory. I plan on taking her to Taj Mahal early in the morning and run around it in awe.

heritage sites to visit with kids
Heritage, Culture and History for Kids.

2. GIANT’S CAUSEWAY, COUNTY ANTRIM, NORTHERN IRELAND: It is a super coastal playground for kids who enjoy outdoors like mine does. It’s the perfect place to scramble across a mythical landscape, and walking here will be like a dream for my kid!

Heritage Sites to visit with Kids
Kids will love this!


3. SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. There is singing, dancing, high drama, and “Kids at the House” programs held here that make this architectural hero into one of Australia’s top family attractions. Most of the kids love it and so will mine I am sure.

Heritage Sites to Visit With Kids


4. COLOSSEUM AND ROMAN FORUM, ROME, ITALY: I am yet to explain the history behind this Flavian Amphitheater to my four-year-old; she will be amazed at this marvel of engineering and a symbol of the glory of ancient Rome.

Heritage Sites to visit with Kids
A lesson in history, culture and heritage.

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Happy saving and happy travelling!


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