Common Health Ailments That Should Be Taken Seriously

Top 5 Common Health Ailments That Should Be Taken Seriously

Sleepless nights at a time when your lifestyle and the environment around you is posing a threat to your health is not an exaggeration. The poor quality of air outdoors and indoors along with the lack of basic sanitation has made health a matter of concern. You are constantly under the threat of diseases coming in the disguise of the water you drink and the air you inhale. In this scenario, there is a need to be more aware of those common health ailments that can be dealt effectively with small precautionary measures at your end.

Abdominal cramps& aches

People have become more conscious about the amount of water they are drinking every day. But, drinking at least eight glasses of water is not enough to keep them secure from health problems like abdominal cramps and aches. A lot depends on the quality of water they are drinking. If you are also one of them who suffer from frequent stomach aches and cramps, then it’s time to check the quality of your drinking water.

The presence of bacteria like Salmonella and Ecoli, in your drinking water can lead to severe health problems. So, water purification becomes extremely important using the reverse osmosis process. If unsure about water purification at the level of supply, you can always have your own RO water purifier at home. This will help you keep water-borne diseases at bay and enjoy healthy time with your family.

Common Health Ailments That Should Be Taken Seriously
Common Health Ailments That Should Be Taken Seriously

Lead poisoning

Chronic exposure to lead is what people are susceptible to these days. Even if treated drinking water is supplied to your house, you are still likely to consume lead flowing out through old pipes and brass faucets.As mentioned in an article by Deccan Herald, The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has permitted 0.01 mg/l(max) of lead in drinking water. If the chances of having lead beyond this acceptable limit in the drinking water is not letting you sleep peacefully at night, trust only RO water purifiers. RO water purifiers from Kent wash off heavy metals from water to ensure that your body is not exposed to any form of toxicity.

Respiratory problems

According to an article published in Washington Post, the fine particulate matter in the air is responsible for 3 million deaths worldwide every year. With several cities in India registering the critical level of fine particulate matter in air, the problem seems quite alarming. People in cities like New Delhi are under the constant fear of inhaling toxic pollutants in the form of smog. Wearing an air filter mask outside is not enough in this situation, as the polluted air is also following you inside the home. But, with an air purifier at home, you can fight against particulate matters with much more efficiency. It will also help you in keeping acute respiratory infections at bay in a country where such cases have increased by 30 percent since 2010.

Common Health Ailments That Should Be Taken Seriously
Some common Health Ailments can be serious and need urgent attention

Extreme Fatigue

The whole day long fatigue should be taken seriously. Ranging from erred lifestyle factors to mental health complications, reasons can be many for your feeling of extreme tiredness all-round the day. Rather than dealing with it silently, you need to come out of your shell and consult a doctor.

Healthy lifestyle along with the use of technological supports like air purifier and water purifier is what we all need to adapt in the time when diseases are ready to catch us in every possible way. As diseases come unwelcomed, all we can do is stay armed with precautionary measures.

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