Off Road In Style: My Tata Hexa Experience

You already know how much I love Road Trips. And recently I had the chance to try the brand new Tata Hexa and discovered how to go off road in style and with complete safety. Here’s my Tata Hexa Experience in New Delhi.

Tata Hexa Experience Center
Tata Hexa Experience Center, New Delhi

I was invited to the Hexa Experience Centre, New Delhi by Indiblogger. I was already in the city for a meeting and some bank related boring work – so I decided to perk the trip up by checking out the Hexa Experience Centre.

My brother and Gauri, my daughter, were with me. After registration, we gave our names for the Off Road experience that we saw through the glass wall, and instantly loved. There was a wait list, though, as everyone wanted to try the new Hexa on adventurous and challenging situations. We were told out turn would come in about half an hour, so we ventured towards the kids corned.

The Tata Hexa Experience
The Tata Hexa Experience

Gauri loved the game zone! She played the car race game, bowling and even got to decorate her own magic wand. We then went to play with the adorable dogs in the next section. There were a bunch of cute dogs up for adoption at the Tata Hexa Experience Centre, New Delhi, and I loved that they included this in the entire array of entertainment. A look at all the kids playing happily with the kids was enough to make everyone smile.

After a magic show, where Gauri took active part on petting a pigeon that appeared in the magician’s hat, we grabbed some lunch. There were stalls by Pizza Hut and Burger King, but we headed to the street food stall and had some yummy Aalo Tikki and Faluda Kulfi.

We reached the Off Road experience desk just in time for our turn.

Tata Hexa Experience Center, Off Road Tata Hexa Review
Tata Hexa Experience: Off Road Fun

The off Road experience with Tata Hexa was absolutely amazing. Squealing like kids, we went up the stairs and down with total ease. We then proceeded to drive into the mud pit, and I loved it. Tata Hexa went inside the mud pit, and there was water and dirt all over, towards the end, I was kind of doubting if we would be able to get out as easily as we got in, since the mud pit exit was an elevated dirt path. But the Tata Hexa surprised us by the buttery smoothness it showed while getting out of that pit.

We did a few more stunts, all equally thrilling, but the mud pit was the peak of excitement for me. The Tata Hexa is so smooth, it made the dirty muddy pit feel like a six lane newly made road.

Appearance wise, the Tata Hexa is spectacular. I especially loved the 19 inch star shape alloy wheels.

Tata Hexa Experience Center,
Driving the Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa looks massive and the interiors are spacious and comfortable. The Hexa we were in, had an all black look going, and it was beautiful and plush. The seats have been designed around keeping maximum comfort in mind, but I felt that shoulder support was lacking in the front seats. However, I cannot take away the fact that the seats feel top notch in terms of their tactile feel with a really good grain of leather running through.

The dashboard is elegant with all basic functionalities of this segment. The multi-functional steering wheel has cruise control, audio and telephone controls, and is height adjustable.

Tata Hexa Experience Center,
The Tata Hexa Interiors

You can get the Hexa in either a six or seven seater configuration, which is a useful feature.

Technically, the Tata Hexa has a lot of features similar to the Safari Storme. The engine is a 2.2-litre, four-cylinder, turbocharged diesel Varicor that makes 156bhp of max power and 400 Nm of mighty torque. The engine is mated to either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic gearbox.

The best part, according to me, about the Tata Hexa is it’s great drive quality.

Tata Hexa Experience Center,
Going in the mud pit in the Hexa

The ride comfort in Tata Hexa is very impressive. Once you go above 50-60kmph, the Hexa glides over bumps and potholes like a dream. The Hexa is stiff enough to handle the several roads obstacles that all our Indian streets have and yet pliant enough to feel very planted at high speeds. Off Roading in style, like I said earlier.

Overall, our Tata Hexa experience was great and I’d like to drive it more and maybe take it for a long drive to Jim Corbett and test it out under those driving conditions as well. If you are planning on trying the Hexa out, I hope it impresses you as much as it impress us.

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