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Solo Women Travellers, EVA By ITC Hotels Is For You!

Do you remember that I stayed with ITC Hotels, at ITC Maurya in Delhi, for a couple of times in the past few months? In fact, I wrote about their special brand of hospitality extended to me when I was travelling alone and fell really sick, and I urge you to read about my experience here.

Also, I am a part of ITC Hotels Responsible Luxury initiative because as a travel blogger and a travel addict, I strongly believe in and support the kind of travel that is sustainable and gives back to the society in its own capacity. I wrote about it in an article titled A Responsible Approach To Luxury Travel (No, You Don’t Have To Stint On Showers) on Huffington Post.

ITC Hotels’ Responsible Luxury is something that the brand takes very seriously. From sourcing local organic products for the kitchen, to recycling a major part of their water – they try to do their best when it comes to making Luxury Travel sustainable and good for the planet. And EVA is another part of the Responsible Luxury initiative that attempts at making solo travel safe and responsible for women.

I experienced the EVA rooms at ITC Maurya twice, and let’s just say that it spoilt me rotten for any other regular hotel stay. The right mix of luxury with the feeling of being safe and celebrated as a solo women traveller are the core concept of ITS Hotels’ EVA rooms.

Here is a video that gives a glimpse into the EVA world, and I want every solo women traveller to watch it, especially those who prefer, or like to try out Luxury Travel options in India. Here it is:

I had a lot of fun while making this video! Who wouldn’t when the venue and the host is a brand that cares deeply about Responsible Luxury and about solo women travellers, right?

I know that I should write more about the EVA room / floor concept at ITC Maurya, I do. But I just haven’t gotten around to it with all my travel assignments and just life in general. However, now that this fantastic video is out and is getting a good response, I will get to it super fast!

Until then, do share the video with your solo women traveller friends and spread the word. It’s a good thing to support brands that care about giving back to the society, to the world. And I hope they continue to strive for Responsible Luxury.

Happy Travelling!

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