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Dehradun Book Reading Event: Love, Whatever That Means

I haven’t shared any news about my second and new-ish book yet – mostly because I’ve been too busy travelling and being a Travel Blogger, Haha.

But I’m a writer, and my writing is my art. Travel blogging is one part of it, and my books are the other, bigger part of it for sure.

Best seller books, top author
These Are The Two Books I Wrote, You Guys!.

So here’s some long due updates for both my book.
Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life, my first book, had gone out of stock (thank you everyone who bought it!) but it is now back everywhere after yet another reprint. Yippie!

As you might already know, Soldier & Spice is the story of a civilian girl who marries an Army Officer, and suddenly finds herself in the grand and mysterious world of Army Wives. It is loaded with funny anecdotes and laugh out loud incidents, and is a sneak peek I to the lives of Army Wives who are often call the Silent Thanks.
If you haven’t yet read it, please do. The links to buy it from Amazon, Flipkart etc are on the top left hand side corner of this blog.

Coming to my second book.

Bestseller book blog, author, aditi mathur kumar books, Love Whatever That Means
Reading one of my favourite scenes from the book.

Recently a book reading event was organised in Dehradun for my second book Love, Whatever That Means. the event was organised by The Book Nerds who did a wonderful job of getting book lovers and reading enthusiasts together.
It was a fun event where I read parts of the books, introduced my main characters to the audience, interacted with a lot of readers and tried some good food at FLOW in Mussoorie Hills.

Book event, Dehradun Book Reading, best selling rance book
Laughter and fun at the Book Reading in FLOW, Dehradun.

This Book Reading event was covered by a number of newspapers and magazines like The Pioneer (Uttrakhand Edition), Doon Mozaic, Dehradun Times and more.

Best selling romance book
In The Pioneer (Uttrakhand Edition) – My Dehradun Book Reading Event

Both the books are doing pretty good, sales wise. Or so I’m told. My struggle always has been getting my readers to go to online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Goodreads, and review/rate the books, but it’s getting better.
My hope is that once in my life, a book of mine gets three hundred and sixty seven (random, really) reviews in the first week of its release. Okay, I’ll take one month as well, hehe.

Until then, keep sending me love and encouragement. And keep reading.

Be kind and stay gold, darlings!

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