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7 Destinations in India to Best Enjoy Adventure Sports

You know how much I love Adventure Travel, right? And here’s a great guest post on the best spots to hit when you’re in mood for some thrill and adventure in India. Say hello to the adrenaline rush, people!

What was your first memory of looking up at a bird flying? How did you feel when you saw the colourful sea horse and fishes in the marine aquarium? Are you the adventure junkie who wants to jump off the cliff and shout for the love of thrill? Have you ever dreamt of conquering the majestic skies and fly over the highest mountain ranges? Do you dream of ticking off the best adventure sports on your bucket list? Well, your wish is granted and we wonder what’s stopping you to pack your bags and go to these classic destinations in India.


  1. Skiing in Kashmir
Adventure Sports in India, top travel blog in India
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Apart from the unmatched scenic beauty that Kashmir offers, one more thing which will make you fall in love is the adrenaline rush of rolling down the peak of majestic Himalayas. The heaven on earth is also home to one of the best and largest winter sports facility in India.The best thing about skiing is that you are sliding down on one of the highest snowbound mountain ranges of the country. Bit crazy but worth a slide!

  1. Scuba diving and snorkelling in Andaman
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The unexplored and untamed beauty of Andaman’s beaches will surprise you, stupefy you and shake you up before you start thinking you are in a foreign land.The exhilarant feeling of exploring the untouched beauty of exotic marine life and extraordinary flora is incredible.It’s enthralling to imagine the colours of life that exist beyond our sight, deep under the ocean. If you are a first-timer you will need to take a beginner’s diving class but imagine a breathtaking view of a shoal of fish whirl past you.So go live it!


  1. Bungee jumping in Rishikesh
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There is no better adventure than testing the heights of your escapade.

You might have had dreams of falling off the cliff into nothingness and never reaching ground.Well, this is the place you were dreaming about. If high altitudes give you sickness, probability is you will lose the fear of heights after this day. The gust of wind rushing past your ear will suddenly remind you that you are falling off and still in control. So take that plunge and just JUMP!


  1. Sky diving in Pondicherry
sky diving in pondicherry India, travel blog India
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First you reach the sky and then you jump back to earth to watch the serene beauty of its landscape.When you jump out of the aeroplane the first thing that you will feel is freedom. And the moment your parachute opens you will be taken to another level of accomplishment. Take a look around and admire the whole new world. The ground beneath you will start to grow and you will be the one among the millions of people who actually ‘flew’. Pondicherry is probably one of the best places for skydiving. It gives you an extra advantage of admiring the vast ocean and spectacular topography.


  1. River rafting in Rishikesh
White Water Rafting Rishikesh, river rafting Rishikesh, top travel blog in India
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There is nothing more exhilarating than the thrill of conquering the white waters of great HimalayanRivers.There is enough scope for you to explore the uncurbed waters and feel the spine-chilling vigour while taking a plunge into the icy thrills of River Ganga.You will also enjoy the beautiful view of majestic mountains on the sides and exotic landscape ahead. Rafting in Rishikesh will be one of the most adventurous moments of your life. So, take the dive and go with the flow!


  1. Hang gliding in Bir Billing
Hand Gliding in Bir Billing, Adventure activities in India, travel blogger aditi mathur kumar
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It is one thing to fall off a cliff, it is another to have wings like birds and fly! Hang gliding is your sport if you dreamt about flying like a bird in an open sky. You are your own pilot here. There is no one to push and there is no motor attached to control.The glider is of the shape of a wing and the pilot uses his foot and body weight to control the speed and direction. So glide through the forests, rivers and up above the mountains. Lose yourself in the bird’s eye view of beautiful scenery.


  1. Zanskar frozen river trek in Ladakh
River Zanskar Ladakh Trek, frozen river trek Himalayas, trekking tips India, best places to trek in India, top travel blog India
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Have you ever had the urge to run and reach the top of the mountain?

Sounds like a normal trek? What if the path to that mountain has a frozen river and you have to cross the icy sheet in order to reach your destination?  Zanskar river trek is nothing like the regular. Walking on the icy blanket at a temperature of -25 to-30 degrees is definitely going to satisfy your adventure streak. What is more interesting about this trek is its unmatched experience.Everything from the ice sheet to the trekking gear that you will use here is different. This exceptional trek is going to give your Goosebumps for a lifetime.

So congratulations Thrill Seeker! You have now tamed the water, rolled down the mountains, caught the gust of wind, flew like a bird in the sky and dived into the depths of ocean. But only in your imagination! So set your thrill-o-meter and dive into the ocean of adventure! Because you only get one chance to live.

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