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Travel News: Taiwan,The Country That Never Sleeps

A vacation in Taiwan is surely an unprecedented experience for a sole reason that Taiwan is a country that never sleeps. One has diverse places to explore starting from the morning when you open your eyes to mid-night when you are exhausted but still have a lot to soak up.

One can start their day by visiting the Sun Moon Lake. The breathtaking green mountains that encircle the area are something worth experiencing if you are in Taiwan. The natural forest around this area is an ideal site for bird watching. Birds like Grey-cheeked Fulvetta, Grap throated Minivet, Formosan Yuhina, Gray Tree Pie, Bamboo Partridge, Chinese Bulbul, Muller’s Barbet and the Black Bulbul is a common site.

If you are a nature lover then Taiwan is the place to be in. After a relaxing morning one can take bus to YehliuGeopark. What makes this place a tourist spot is the scenic beauty of naturally formed rocks stretching approximately 1,700 meters into the ocean.

Taiwan Night Market, travel blog, top travel blogger india
Taiwan Night Market

A number of outstanding formations that makes the site alluring are Sea Candles, Fairy Shoe, Ginger Rocks, Elephant Rock, Ice Cream Rock, Kissing Rock and the beautiful Princess’s Head. But we do not stop here. A trip to YehliuGeopark is incomplete without visiting the Yehliu Ocean World, which offers a glimpse into the exotic marine life and even more exciting is the dolphin and sea lion performance.

When in Taiwan, you do not have to worry about missing onto the shopping while spending the entire day enjoying the scenic beauty. When the world is sleeping, Taipei – the capital city of Taiwan has an exciting night life to offer to tourists that is entertaining yet economical. Starting from shopping to satiating your belly with mouth watering Taiwanese cuisine, the night life of Taiwan will give you an unprecedented experience.

Taiwan Night Market, top travel blogger India
Night Market, Taipei

The famous night markets to visit during your trip to Taiwan are Shilin Night Market, the largest night market in Taipei and Keelung Miaokou Night Market.

Clothes, jewelry, household items, toys and interesting gadgets, all at pocket friendly price, and not forget, you can bargain to your heart’s content!

The Pingxi Sky Lantern Activity is one of the most colorful activities of the Lantern Festival. Pingxi is a remote hillside town. In the past, those who worked or farmed in the mountains faced the risk of being robbed or killed, so they used lanterns to inform their families they were safe. The lanterns do not function as signals anymore, but are now used as symbols of peace and good fortune.

It’s an amazing experience to write on all four sides of the Lantern with inedible ink and then wait for it to dry! Each colour of the lantern represents a different wish fulfillment! Added to the atmosphere of families and groups painting the lantern is the old steam train that lumbers its way through the area every one hour and everyone jumps away from it! After it leaves, people come back on the old train tracks to let their lanterns fly!!

Taiwan Night Market
Happy Shopping!

Before flying back home, you can check out the Gloria Outlets near Taipei’s international airport that has over 100 of the world’s leading retail brands, restaurants and cafés.

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