Solo Girl in Thailand: 15 Unbelievable Photographs With The Zenfone 3

I haven’t really posted my Thailand travel blog posts yet because I am still in a Thailand Hangover and I just want to go live on the pristine beaches a little longer! However, one has to move on, and I’m trying. This is my attempt at moving on, you’re welcome. *straight face* 

My Thailand trip was really good, as you could probably tell from the tweets, pictures and Instagram stories I kept posting. In fact, the photographs I shared from this 4 + 10 day trip (I travelled from India to Thailand twice in two weeks!) on all social media, have got me a lot of love from travel addicts and photographers around the world.

And so, I decided to share some of the best Thailand photographs with you on my favourite (social) platform – my travel blog! I clicked a lot of pictures during my Thailand trip, and it will be almost impossible to select just a few from the bunch. So, in this post I will share 15 Photographs with you that I haven’t shared on any other platform yet. A little bit like a sneak peak, and I am pretty excited about it!

So here we go;

15 photographs I took during my recent solo trip to Thailand.

Thailand trip, Solo Girl Travel Thailand
Air Plane Windows Come With A Promise of Possibilities.

I love window seats. Who doesn’t, right? And I get grumpy if I don’t get a window seat on a plane, especially on an international flight. And I am also that annoying co-traveller who clicks a million pictures from the air plane window. I can’t stop it, I just love looking out from an air plane window. So, one of the photographs I took at the very beginning of my Thailand trip, is the perfect way to begin this Thailand travel blog post. This has been taken in low light and I was just compulsively clicking without expecting much, but the result surprised me.

Thailand Travel blog, beaches in Thailand
This is Poda Beach where I spent a lot of time just clicking pictures while in a state of complete amazement. I mean, look at how clean and pristine this beach is!

One thing that constantly amazed me in Thailand was their beaches and how clean they were. Every beach I went to – and I went to plenty of them – was pristine and almost like it has come straight out of a picture. This picture has been shot using the Manual Mode – Long Exposure and my friend Akanksha, who is a super talented photographer, said I did a good job with it, ha ha. More like my phone did a good job – I used the new Asus Zenfone 3 for this trip. The phone is stylish and affordable, which I prefer in phones. The Zonfone 3 comes with a 16MP Rear and an 8MP Front Camera. It also has the world’s first 14nm Snapdragon processor with with 64-Bit Octa-Core CPU @2.0Ghz, so forget about annoyingly slow transition between apps. A blessing, right?

Wat Benchamabophit in Bangkok, Marble Buddha Temple Bangkok, Thailand Travel Blog
Wat Benchamabophit in Bangkok.

This photograph above is of one of the most famous temples in Bangkok – the Wat Benchamabophit. Also known as Marble Buddha Temple, the architecture of this temple, or Wat, is breathtaking. Just look at this picture – the intricate golden gate in all it’s glory makes you feel slightly overwhelmed. Every time I looked up at this, I wanted to click pictures. And I did, about 17 of them! This one was taken on the Asus Zenfone 3’s Super Resolution Mode and you can see the detailing has come out pretty impressive in it.

Thailand travel blog, thailand beaches
Sunset at the beach. Need I say more?

Nothing’s better than sun rise and sun set at the beach, and since witnessing the sun rise means going to sleep early in order to wake up early, I make do with sun sets. I know, I know I’m missing a lot – will try to catch the sun rise next time, promise! This picture makes me nostalgic. I was on a boat, getting back from a day long boat tour around Krabi. I was travelling solo but had made friends on the boat. We exchanged travel stories, life lessons, talked and sang a lot for the most part of the trip, but by this time we were all quiet. We were all awestruck by this sunset. The waves were going crazy, full moon was soon approaching. And this scene is something I will remember for a long time.

Phuket boat tour, thailand travel blog
Somewhere between Phuket and Phi Phi Island. Scenes captured from the boat.

What’s a Thailand travel blog without a stunning picture of one of the mysteriously beautiful islands in the sea? This is a photograph I took from the big boat that took me on a tour from Phuket to Phi Phi Islands. The entire scenery is dotted with such islands that look like giant mountains right in the middle of the sea. It’s a sight to behold. And don’t miss the waves – so beautifully compelling.

Thailand travel blog, thailand solo girl trip tips, top travel blogger in India
What’s a night out in Bangkok without with a shopping destination and a giant wheel? Yay!

This is the very exciting and happening night market in Bangkok. This is truly a shopping paradise. I bought so many things from here that I still need to take a stock of them! From bags to clothes – The rates are unbelievable and the stuff is really good and trendy.

bangkok night market tips, Thailand travel blog
A look at the Bangkok Night Market.

This is how fun the night market in Bangkok looks from inside. Take every turn, check out every thing that catches your attention and bargain a lot. That’s how you do the Bangkok Night Market, honey. Picture is taken in the auto mode and requires no touch ups whatsoever. That’s why I love it!

patong beach, phuket, water sports in phuket, Thailand travel blog
Patong Beach, Phuket.

In Phuket, Patong Beach is the most happening area and there are a lot of options fro Water Sports here. I am a fan of Adventure Travel, I am sure you’re read about it earlier here, If not, please read my about Adventure in Israel where I tried everything from Sky Diving to Desert Camping earlier this year. This picture is of a para sailor who went up twice and was shouting with joy while he was up above. Picture taken in the Manual Mode of the Zenfone 3 and I love how the color burst from the parachute is livening up the entire frame.

marble buddha bangkok, Thailand travel blog
Coming back to the Marble Temple in Bangkok – this is what the inside corridor looks like.

The photograph above is again from the Marble Buddha Temple from Bangkok. This is a cheerful backyard full of prayer bells and Buddha statuses in all poses.

Wat Pho, or the Reclining Buddha Temple in Bangkok, Thailand Travel blog
Wat Pho, or the Reclining Buddha Temple in Bangkok

Now this is another photograph I love from my trip and couldn’t do without including in my first Thailand travel blog post. I shot this in the HRD more and just look at the detailing, the clarity in this frame! This is towards the of the huge Buddha statue inside the Wat Pho, or the Reclining Buddha Temple in Bangkok.

Thailand travel blog
Flowers at Bangkok River Front.

This of course is just a shop in Bangkok, but I loved the colors and decided to take a picture. I took this just as I entered the River Walk in Bangkok, where I ended up spending the entire evening just looking out at the river, sipping coffee at the roof top cafe and digging into a yummy slice of cake at a shop called Bake A Wish. Creative name, right?

long tail boat Thailand, Boat Tour Thailand, Thailand Travel Blog
The Long Tail Boats in Thailand and their charm is going to be a big part of all my Thailand travel blog posts in the future.

Taken in the HDR Mode by the Asus Zenfone 3, this photograph is the start of my long tail boat obsession for all the Thailand travel blog posts to come. I am sure that long tail boats are one of the most clicked items by me during my trip to Thailand. I was mesmerized by them, and they are just plain photogenic, don’t you think? What a charm!

krabi travle tips, krabi travel itinerary, Thailand travel blog
Somewhere near Krabi, there is a piece of heaven that looks like this.

Krabi was the last leg of my Thailand trip, and I am going to dedicate a full section to it in my series of Thailand travel blog posts. Krabi was so, so good. Calm and peaceful, with the right mix of activities to not make it boring or laid back. I loved my stay in Krabi and this picture was taken during a boat ride from the Ao Nang beach. Here you can just hire a boat and take a trip to the nearby islands, but be sure to bargain the price. At any cost, this was a one hour trip that was completely worth it.

krabi, travel blog, Thailand travel blog
Krabi, Thailand. My dream place to settle down, currently. I’m serious!

Krabi again, because I couldn’t get enough of this view. And can you blame me? I know, you can’t. It was just so pretty and peaceful to look at. I sat here for a long time, for days in a row. Sometimes I’d get a fresh mango shake with me (Thai mangoes are delicious!) and sometimes I’d just sit here after my lunch and took notes about my next book.

Thailand travel blog, krabi trip tips, what to do in Krabi
Who put it here, looking so majestic and graceful? Somewhere near Krabi.

Just like my Thailand trip ended on a high note at Krabi, I’m wrapping up this post with a picture from the exquisite Krabi as well. This majestic view was from one of the islands near Krabi. And this mountain in the middle of heady waves and fervent wind looked so near yet so far, and completely in sync with the scenery.

So, that’s it – these are 15 photographs from my Thailand trip that I love. Thanks to the gorgeous Thailand and my Asus Zenfone 3, the pictures came out resplendent without any effort. Stay tuned to this top travel blog in India for more from on my Thailand travel blog series, I am planning a lot.

Happy Travelling!


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