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Great Tips When Taking Your Children Overseas

Going on holiday with the kids is always fun, but there are added responsibilities that walk hand-in-hand with a family holiday. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best tips when it comes to taking your children overseas.

  1. Book ahead

This is always a wise option, but it becomes even more pivotal when you’re travelling with children. Large groups are sometimes hard to find space for, so always know exactly where you’re staying well in advance of going there.

There’s nothing worse than an unhappy child on your vacation, so do your best to ensure you prevent that scenario by finding a space for you all to camp every night – which isn’t in your car on the side of the road.

While some people stick by the flexibility that comes with late booking, it’s best not to toy with this sort of thing when a child is involved. 

Travel With Kids, Travel Tips, Travel with children
Children enjoy travelling when it’s well planned. Image Credit: Flickr
  1. Dress them for the conditions

A comfortable child is a happy child. It might sound simplistic, but if a kid is able to adapt to the environment they’re in quickly, they’ll also be much prompter at becoming acclimatised to the location itself. If it’s cold dress them as such.

Make sure clothing is also the right size – we know as adults there’s nothing worse than walking around in clothes that don’t fit and it’s the exact same as a child.

Also make sure they’re not walking barefoot on beaches where dangerous creatures might be waiting in the sands to pounce and cause them some serious damage.

  1. Teach them new experiences

Holidays aren’t just about relaxing from the stress of the world; they can also be great learning experiences.That’s true for any age, but especially for young children.

Cultural learning is critical to the development of a child. It’s important to let them know there’s a world outside of their own – and that’s best achieved by immersing them straight in the culture.

Travelling in itself is something of an experience for a lot of kids, as it’s likely they’ve never done it before (at least not on such a scale). Give them first-hand experience of what it’s like to travel – it’ll help them in all aspects of life.

Travel With Kids, Travel Tips, Travel with children
Image Credit: Flickr
  1. Get yourself a child locator

Every parent’s worst fear on holiday is losing their child. A handy new invention has seen that problem become, theoretically, a thing of the past.

These devices work in different ways – with some seeing you attach a GPS sensor which is able to track the exact location of the child.

Others will merely see an alarm connected to your kid, which you can activate when you’ve lost them. This will hopefully alert people in the surrounding area to the situation, while also making it easier to find them (you’ll be drawn to the loud buzzing noise).

  1. Try to stay away from sweets

It’s easy as a parent to palm off sweets and toys to keep kids happy – but the reality is this is only a short-term fix.

Pumping the kids full of sugar is only going to lead to further trouble down the line, so make sure you’re always carrying a selection of healthy treats with you instead.

Try taking savoury snacks like fruit slices, cheese wedges and carrot sticks around with you at all times. These will keep your little ones full, and will also mean you’ll avoid handing them a nightmarish sugar rush.

Travel With Kids, Travel Tips, Travel with children
Image Credit: Flickr

Happy Travelling with your children!




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    Alex R.

    (June 25, 2017 - 2:08 pm)

    In my opinion you wrote very useful advices. And you are right: an unhappy child can ruin the vacation if you don’t do your best to keep him happy.

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