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5 Popular International Trips Under 1 Lakh

Budget travel is something that will give you the memories, the experience without ripping you off of your hard earned money. I’ve been on a few international trips this year and while a few have been very expensive (Hong Kong), the others like Thailand have been easier on the pocket.

Travel addicts travel at any cost, of course – and with easy personal loan for travel options, budget is not a very big issue in current times. Still, for the Indian traveller, most countries seem expensive because the Indian currency is pretty weak as compared to most foreign currencies.

However, there are some international trips that are completely stunning and do-able within the given budget of 1 lakh. Great to know, right?

If the international trips are well researched and planned well in advance, you can travel to (and from) some international destinations – including stay, food and sight seeing – well under 1 Lakh. Yes!

And keeping in mind that I plan to cover a lot of countries in a short time and modest budget, I got to work. After some research, I’ve made a list of my personal top 5 international budget travel destinations that include some of the most popular destinations in the world.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get right to the list.

5 Popular International Trips You Can Do Under 1 Lakh:

  1. Thailand: I’ve just returned from tow back to back trips to Thailand and I can say for sure that this is one destination that can easily be done under a budget by Indian travellers. The tickets are as low as Rs. 25,000 and a good hotel can be booked for Rs. 450 a day, including breakfast. It can be cheaper if you travel in off season. The street food is pretty cheap and the sight seeing options are aplenty, with enough room for bargaining. You can go everywhere in Thailand, from Bangkok to Phuket, all under a lakh.

    Travel tips, international trip, trip to Thailand
    Phuket, Thailand. Picture from one of my recent trips.
  2. Bhutan: I haven’t been to Bhutan but it’s on my list. The beautiful landscapes and the rich culture are fascinating, and I’d like to visit Bhutan real soon. The tickets can be booked for Rs. 21,000 (return) and the stay and food is available at pretty low prices. What’s even better is, you don’t need a passport for Bhutan. Planning already, right?
  3. Malaysia: The return tickets from India to Malaysia can be scored at Rs. 28,000 and stay / food is equally inexpensive. The beaches of Malaysia, the various theme parks and the Malaysian Shopping scene are reasons enough for me to want to plan a trip right now. I bet you’re planning it too.

    Malaysia Travel Blog, international trips
    Beautiful Malaysia.
  4. Indonesia: I was recently offered a FAM trip to Indonesia but I had date clashes (also, Diwali!) so with a heavy heart, I had to say no. But that has made me want to explore Indonesia even more than before. The tickets can be bought for around Rs. 35,000 but the food and stay here is really cheap and good quality so it will all balance out. Here’s hoping I get to see Indonesia sooner than later.
  5. Vietnam: This is one of my top favourite destinations! A trip to Vietnam is like a dream that will leave you wanting for more. And it’s perfectly under the specified budget too. Return air fare come to around Rs.38,000 and you can stay at a decent hotel for around Rs.700 a night. Food here is delicious and inexpensive, and local commute is also cheap. If I had to pick one trip for everyone, it would be Vietnam – and now you no how much I love it.

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    What can I say about Vietnamese food that you don’t already know? Food trails are going to be a highlight of everyone’s trip to Vietnam, for sure!

So, that’s my list of International trips you can take under 1 lakh. Hope you like these destinations. I could have included destinations like Hong Kong and Mauritius in this list since the tickets are around Rs.40,000 to both, or even cheaper if you book ahead, but the cost of living at such places is high and it won;t be a good balance. For now, let’s focus on these five, shall we? 🙂

Remember that you will need to book at least three months in advance to get the best rates, and for more inspiration that’s dependent on the budget, I strongly recommend Skyscanner‘s Everywhere feature that suggests all possible flights from your destination to everywhere. It’s super fun.

So, pack your bags and get ready to travel.

Happy Travelling!

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