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5 Indian Destinations For A Spiritual Detox : Travel Tales

The beauty of travel is that each one of us has a different outlook, a different approach towards it. We travel for several reasons. Me included! Shopping Trip to Hong Kong, Exploratory trip from India to Israel, Adventure Travel, Offbeat Trips and trips with family and the kids – I do it all. But something that’s been on my mind for a while now, is Travelling for a Spiritual Detox.

Sounds exciting already, doesn’t it? I mean, between my regular life as a mother, as an Army Wife, as an author of two successful books and this fantastic (totally according to me, of course. heehee) blog – I have started to crave for a spiritual detox vacation.

In India, there is definitely no dearth of spiritual destinations – there are a lot of places you can travel to for a Spiritual Detox. In fact, a lot of 5 star hotels in India also offer a holistic spiritual detox experience. Then, there are the Yoga Ashrams in Rishikesh, the Himalayan Offbeat destinations in Uttrakhand and Himachal, the quaint house boats in Kerala, and more, much more to choose from!

And if you know me, you know that I put a lot of research in my travels (and everything else), so I made a list of a few Indian destinations that could be wonderful for a Spiritual Detox holiday. And what’s life without sharing, right? So here’s my list in case you are carving for a no-agenda, no touristy-stuff and no-hectic-itinerary kind of a vacation.

5 Indian Destinations For A Complete Spiritual Detox:

  1. Pushkar(Rajasthan)

    Pushkar is my personal favourite because as a child, I’ve spent almost every summer vacation in Ajmer and Pushkar was always a weekly trip I always looked forward to. Pushkar is a riot of colors to a first time visitor, and people fall instantly in love with this festive yet relaxed town. Apart from the famous one of it’s kind Bhrama Temple and the camel festival – Pushkar has a lot to offer for those searching for a Spiritual Detox. It’s ;aid back and calm, and I am sure you’ll enjoy it.

    Spiritual Detox Destinations in India, travel blog in India
    Pushkar. Source.
  2. Rishikesh (Uttarakhand)

    My second favourite Indian destination on this list! I wrote about A Day In Rishikesh earlier and I can write posts after post on this mesmerising city. Spiritual Detox might as well be the second name for Rishikesh! You will find lots of Ashrams and Hotels here and the vibe of the city is calming and healing. Do not miss Rishikesh during your trip to India, I’d say!

    Rishikesh travel blog, Rishikesh, Spiritual Detox India Destinations
    Rishikesh. Source.
  3. Hampi(Karnataka)

    Moving towards to the south of India, Hampi is a gem in all ways – spiritual detox or otherwise. The beauty of Hampi can inspire poets to write lengthy poems in its praise, the place is so enchanting. Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site and is also famous for it’s architectural marvels. For a perfect Spiritual Detox, Hampi’s mystical and mellow ambiance are just the right thing. Stay here for a completely relaxed Indian vacation!

    Hampi, Travel blog, Spiritual Detox Destinations in India
    Hampi. Source.
  4. Auroville (Tami Nadu)

    Or should I say, the ‘City of Dawn’? Auroville is famous as one of the best spiritual hubs in India, and boasts of a population that consists of people from over 40 countries. Auroville is near Pondicherry (or Puducherry), which in itself is a great spot to explore when in India. From meditation to just a relaxed and unhurried vacation, you can really have a great Spiritual Detox in Auroville. Do check it out, okay?

    Spiritual Detox Destinations in India, Auroville
    Auroville. Source.
  5. Kasol (Himachal Pradesh)

    Coming back to the north of India, there is Kasol which is beyond any definition of beauty and easygoing aura. Kasol is a charming, whimsical and pristine village in Himachal Pradesh, and is an ideal Spiritual Detox destination in India. Interestingly, Kasol has a distinct culture because of a lot of foreign travellers – especially from Israel. Have I told you about my love for Israel? In Kasol, it is said that every traveller finds a peace that she/he has never known before and I’m willing to visit it yet again.

    Spiritual Detox Destinations in India
    Kasol. Source.

That’s my list of top 5 Spiritual Detox Destinations in India, and I hope you check them out soon. Let me know if you know of some more spots and I’ll add them to my list.

Happy Travelling!


Keep reading this top travel blog from India for more travel tips and travel stories from around the world. A lot more interesting stories from my recent Thailand Trip are coming up. Stay tuned.

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