Why Visit Israel

Why Visit Israel: My Video To Tempt You

I went to Israel in May 2016. It is Sept now and I still get to hear things like “Do you think I should visit Israel?” and the more common – “Wow, never thought of Israel as a travel destination!”

The famous collection of various 10 Things You MUST See Before You Die lists are to be blamed here.

Go to Paris, have a romantic dinner in Venice, see the New York Skyline and the regular Must-Do items on most such lists is what dominates our own Travel Bucket Lists as well. We tend to take inspiration from movies, from TVCs and articles that tell us what we should be doing, what we should be buying, and where we should be travelling. After all, it is an advertising driven world!

And while all those place are definitely beautiful and worthy of all the attention, there is still a lot more in this world that needs to be experienced and explored. Israel is one such destination. Whenever someone asks me about where to go next, I tell them to visit Israel. I’ve already written at length about Why I Loved My Trip To Israel, so I won’t start with it again.

However, I think as a travel writer who feels supremely blessed to have a few loyal people reading and following her opinion on travel destinations – I need to tell you why I am always telling people to visit Israel. I need to show you what fun Israel is!

So, here is a video – a shot summary – on my trip to Israel. I went with Woodland and the video has been created by the very talented Woodland team, and I hope you see how much fun I had at this trip. Also, I hope this answers the frequent and big question : Why Go To Israel?

Here’s the video, darlings. This is exactly why you should visit Israel. Have fun.

And this is not all! There is a lot more I did in Israel – a trip to the tunnels under the old city of Jerusalem (A short video I made while inside the tunnels),  a fun time in Tel Aviv, a camp out under the stars in the Negev, sky diving in Ilat, mountain biking in the desert, and eating yummy Israeli food all thought the trip. So, take my word for it, and go visit Israel.

Happy Travelling!

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