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Happy Living: Dream Bathroom

I’m sure that most of us start – and probably end – our days with a trip to the bathroom. Needless to say, a bathroom is an important part of our homes. And yet, most of the times, a bathroom is often an ignored corner while we’re designing a house. Even if we want to design a comfortable bathroom, we end up giving more importance to other parts of the house.

This is unfortunate because like I mentioned above, we do start our days there! And between the brushing of the teeth to bathing –  we spend a lot of time inside our bathrooms.

If you’re designing your dream house right now, do consider this: Most potential buyers will rule out a possible purchase if the bathroom looks gloomy. But there’s good news – numerous surveys have found that simply revamping bathrooms can add up to 20 per cent to the total value of your property.

Dream Bathroom design

Now it makes us want to think about better bathrooms, right?

And who wouldn’t want a luxurious bathroom? I know I do!

Personally, I love a spacious and well – designed bathroom, with state of art Bathroom Sinks, an elegant decor and good lighting. Yes, lighting is very important. I can’t even begin to stress upon the importance of quality plumbing. There is just a lot to take care of when it comes to designing a dream bathroom!

Every time I travel to a new destination, new country and new fancy hotels, I have a habit of checking the bathrooms first. For me, a clean, fresh and well-designed  bathroom comes before a pool attached to the room, let me be honest with you. This might have something to do with the fact that I have a little kid who travels with me, but there’s no denying the fact that I am always looking for a Dream Bathroom.

And so, I have decided to design my dream bathroom. *drum roll*

Dream Bathroom PlumbTile

I know it is not easy – even revamping an existing bathroom can be a task and it involves money, time and effort. But it’s not complicated, it will enhance your life, add money to your house and help you get a good price when you decide to sell it.

Now, I understand that most of us can’t do anything about the size of the bathroom, so the best bet is to revamp it to turn it into a dream bathroom. And if you are building a new one, you have the liberty of size as well so, hurray for you! 

Dream Bathroom with PlumbTile

Some basics that will instantly turn any ordinary bathroom into a Dream Bathroom are:

  • New Tiles. This is going to instantly change the look of the bathroom, and how! Check out PlumbTile, the architectural bath and tile specialists. Keep an eye out for color combinations that life your spirits up. Read up about good quality tiles that will not effect your health, and make an informed decision. Glass tiles are my current favourites, you I know what I am going to get!
  • Make good use of the available space by considering corner basins, back-to-wall toilet fixtures and wall-hung designs.
  • For a dash of style, invest in a good basin. Using the basin as the centre piece of the bathroom can change the look completely and show off a bit of style.
  • Because it is the biggest need of our times, do think about saving water and eco-friendly practices when you design any part of the house. For your dream bathroom, please invest in good-quality taps. Most taps now offer water-saving devices so will save you money in the long run
  • In case of a small space where you can’t fit a shower door and need to have a curtain, then try to find one made from anti-mould fabric. This is extremely important for the health of the entire family.
  • If you have the money, go for a fog free mirror and thank me later.

Let me know if you want to add to this list, so that I can keep it in mind when I design my dream bathroom. And I hope you do too! It’s time we turn our bathrooms into a space we love.

Happy Living!


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