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Travel News: Taiwan is World’s Friendliest Country

Time for some feel-good Travel News, my traveller friends! I am just back from a property review in the Himalayas and while I am processing the pictures and memories, I came across this Happy News from Taiwan. Time to plan a Taiwan trip, right?

A lot of surveys over a lot of years have revealed Taiwan as one of the most friendliest countries in the world! Every traveller who has visited Taiwan, agrees to this. People who have completed their dream Taiwan trip, insists on how welcoming the locals are, how helpful ever citizen can be, how safe the streets are and how fantastic the food is.

Sounds like a dream destination, Doesn’t it?

Trip to Taiwan from India, new travel destination
Taiwan means Happiness!

There are a lot of factors that contribute towards making Taiwan a friendly destination. Here are the top three reasons why a Taiwan trip should be planned soon:

  1. Taiwan’s warm and friendly residents ensure that the travellers have a great and happy experience:Friendly local people means it’s easy to get around, ask for directions and find people to hang out with. Travelling like the locals do is the best way to explore a destination, they say! At times, when the language becomes an issue or there is a communication gap, Taiwanese people go out of their way to help travellers and tourists. Travellers find it easy to immerse themselves in the local culture and experiential travel gets a whole new meaning in Taiwan!

    Taiwan Trip
    All Smiles in Taiwan
  2. Cost of living in Taiwan is favourable to Indian Travellers: A highly industrialised, developed and modern nation, the rate of exchange works in the Indian travellers favour. 1 Taiwanese Dollar equals 2 INR which means items like food, drink; experiences such as dining in restaurants, entry into attractions and theme parks; and hotel rooms are affordable for the India travellers who can enjoy a complete holiday experience in Taiwan. This, to me, means more shopping and more good food during the Taiwan trip, right?
  3. Safety in Taiwan is nothing to worry about:Taiwan is a very safe country even for a solo traveller. So you don’t have to restrict yourself to a what is recommended in guide books only and can do offbeat activities or something else which is unexplored or sounds interesting to you. On your Taiwan trip, be fearless and explore!
Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan, Taiwan Trip from India
Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

About Taiwan, The Current Dream Destination For Travellers Around The World

Taiwan is a new Travel Dream Destination for Indian Travellers. It is located in the western Pacific Ocean 160 km (100 miles) off the southeastern coast of the Chinese mainland and is a convenient gateway to Asia for the Indian traveller. A number of airlines such as China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, China Southern and Thai Airways fly directly or with a stopover in to Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport from the Indian metros of New Delhi and Mumbai. The average flight time between India and Taiwan is of about 6.5 hours; and Taiwan is 2.30 hours ahead of India.

Planning a Taiwan trip already? Take me along!

Happy Travelling!

PS: All images courtesy Taiwan Tourism

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4 thoughts on “Travel News: Taiwan is World’s Friendliest Country

    Kadambari Singh

    (September 7, 2016 - 9:32 am)

    This post really inspired me to think of a trip to Taiwan.

    Neha Kapoor

    (September 7, 2016 - 3:26 pm)

    Taiwan looks tempting!

    Nidhi KM

    (September 8, 2016 - 12:35 am)

    Lovely article! Great smiling and pleasing photographs! I actually felt happy to see happy photographs. Your article gave great positive energy!


    (September 9, 2016 - 5:07 am)

    I am assuming you are referring to the recent Internations survey where Taiwan was ranked at the top? I was quite surprised to be honest since didn’t know Taiwan was such a friendly and lovely place. I guess that’s what expats or any tourists look for before travelling to any country / city.

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