A Mother-Daughter Getaway To Jim Corbett: Namah Resort

I have been on an international travel spree since the last few months, and I am loving it. The hectic travel schedules, the tan lines from staying in the pool for a little too long, the work pressure while you’re on the road, the numerous ideas that buzz in your head, the deadlines that pass you by – I really loved it all during this time.

After the stay with ITC Hotel for their Responsible Luxury initiative, the adventure trip to mesmerizing Israel, attending RISE Conference in Hong Kong and speaking at India’s first Military Literature Festival in Chandigarh – I felt something was still missing. A mother daughter getaway with my 4 year old adorable and hyperactive little girl, Gauri.

I love travelling with her a lot, even more so now since she is big enough to enjoy it even more. We have taken her to Himalayan treks and to laid back offbeat vacations, and she absolutely loves it. But this time, since the husband is travelling for work, I wanted to take Gauri out for a short vacations where she could have fun and where I could relax and rejuvenate from all the travelling.

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#TheRoyalRejuvenation at Namah Resort, Jim Corbett

We got our chance when Namah Resort invited us both to celebrate the International Yoga Day with them at their luxury and Wellness Resort in Jim Corbett. Before we left for the Namah Resort Jim Corbett, I showed Gauri the picture of their resplendent pool on their website and she was enchanted.

We spent four nights at the Namah Resort Jim Corbett and fell in love with the property. It is lush green and well maintained, the food is to die for, the Yoga sessions were great and the pool was as magical as we had imagined. But the best part was the people and the service!

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Lotus Pond at Namah Resort Jim Corbett

I have stayed at enough luxury hotels and resorts around the world to know that nothing fancy matters if the service and the people aren’t warm and welcoming. Namah Resort Jim Corbett excelled here. Everyone from housekeeping to the head chef, and from the Managing Director to the IT person who helped me with the WiFi, was friendly and extremely helpful.

The food, like I mentioned above, was phenomenal. There was variety and the layout was always tempting, no matter what time of the day it was. Breakfast was an elaborate affair for me because getting Gauri to eat a healthy first meal of the day is sort of an obsession for me. But because there was no dearth of choices, she enjoyed it as much. From well done crispy bacon to fresh watermelon juice, she tried everything which is a delight to every mother.

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The yummy Food at Namah Resort, Jim Corbett.

She had a good time running wild in the green gardens, beautiful pathways and little bridges that are spread all across the property of Namah Resort Jim Corbett. They even have an outdoor play area for kids with swings and Gauri, along with Nidhi’s two adorable daughters, had some fun time there. As if Namah Resort wants the fun to never stop for kids – they have a games room right above the restaurant which kept the kids busy as well. There was just too much to do and the kids totally loved every minute!

Namah Resort Jim Corbett is a wellness resort where you can relax at the pool, get pampered at Tatva the Spa or just spend a few days of peace amidst the forest, alongside the River Kosi at Corbett National Park, close to the wild life sanctuary. But to see the kids having so much fun here in the lap of nature, was the best thing about it.

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Gauri with the incredibly talented Garhwali Dance Crew at Namah Resort Jim Corbett

To see Namah’s staff dealing with kids so patiently and lovingly was even better. No, seriously! I’ll give you one example to show you how cool Namah’s staff is. When we returned to the resort after our jungle safari and the kids realised that it was time for the pool t be closed, all three of them got really upset.

“We didn’t see any tigers and now the pool is also closing!!!! Nooooo!” wailed Gauri. At this, the staff laughed and told the kids that because they are so adorable, they will keep the pool open for one extra hour  – Just for the kids! The kids jumped up and down with glee and we spent the next hour blissfully immersed in that magical pool.

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Ready for the pool!

The pool, ah! It was certainly the highlight of this mother-daughter trip we took to Naham Resort Jim Corbett. For both, my daughter and me, spending time in water is therapeutic. Even with a super busy schedule in Israel, I made it a point to spend an hour at the roof top Jacuzzi at my hotel in Tel Aviv. And at Namah Resort Jim Corbett, the two of us had the best time in the pool.

She would swim and splash and I would just relax. We would make a train in the water and also, play ball with the kids. We all have proud tan lines now to remind us of the fun time.

At night, in our comfortable room, I would tell a made up (and totally fun) story about a tiger and it is now Gauri’s new favourite story. Maybe I’ll write a children’s book next, right? haha. See, this is the thing about a relaxed time away from the crowd – you get new ideas and you feel reconnected to yourself and to the nature. And in our case, we connected to the easy life that seems to have lost its charm in our busy life.

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Mesmerised by the fountains and the bridges around the property.

When you are travelling with kids, you need to keep so many things in mind that it seems like a daunting task. But when you pick a destination or hotel/resort that cares as deeply as Namah did – travelling with kids becomes much easier. From safety precautions within the property, to clean toilets – every little thing counts. And I am happy this mother – daughter getaway was one of the really good ones we’ve done so far.

Thank you Namah Resort Jim Corbett, for making out mother-daughter getaway so magical and comfortable. Your hospitality is remarkable and I wish to return very soon with my husband now, because I also need a second honeymoon now and Namaha Resort seems like the perfect place for a romantic getaway as well.

Wait, there’s a giveaway from Namah Resort Jim Corbett!

For my readers, I have a fun giveaway. Tell me one most important thing you look for, when you plan a trip with kids, and I will give out a super cute Namah Resort giveaway to one person. It’s a super cute mug, and I’m tempted to keep it for myself so hurry up before I change my mind. Come on now, leave a comment here and I’ll contact you in case you’re the lucky one.

And for those who want to plan a trip to Jim Corbett, I suggest you take a look at Namah Resorts and try it. Yeah, you can thank me later!

Happy Travelling!


PS: I was invited on a FAM trip by Namah Resort Jim Corbett but the opinion, as always, is my own. You can ask me anything you like about my stay here, and I’ll be happy to help.

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