Can’t Wait For #IndiasMostLoved CEO!

For any professional out there, being promoted to a CEO is the greatest leap of his or her career. But what makes it such an extraordinary transition? I think it is the complexity of the role, combined with the skill that is required to manage that complexity successfully.

And to be called India’s Most Loved CEO is a victory like none other. So, what exactly does this special CEO has, that other leaders don’t? I can’t wait to find out!

And I know, you can’t wait to find out who is this India’s Most Loved CEO either. I am also waiting for the reveal. The anticipation is almost palpable, and I wrote about it in my last post – Finding Out About #India’sMostLovedCEO. There are so many possibilities that its making people guess with excitement.

A friend of mine said that #IndiasMostLovedCEO could easily be Satya Nadella, because under his capable guidance, Microsoft has soared to greater heights. She has a point, right? He definitely shows the quality of Clear Vision which is a must-have for a good CEO.

Someone on Twitter declared that according to her, Virat Kohli is #IndiasMostLovedCEO because hey, he is taking the Indian Crkcket Team to new achievements, and how! Virat, through his captaincy, is showing the world that a good leader need to Lead By Example.

My colleague, on the other hand, seems to be sure that Karan Johar (yes, the famously stylish and outspoken film maker) should be India’s Most Loved CEO. Why, I asked her. Well, she said, most of his movies do extremely well on the box office because he has a grasp on the audience’s preference, he turns new comers into overnight starts of the tinsel town, and he comes across as someone who has the Willingness To Take Calculated Risks. Who could argue with that, right?

Are you guessing who could be India’s Most Loved CEO? He could be anyone, and if you think your guess is good – jump in the CONTEST here. There are loads of things to be won, so do try out your luck. And meanwhile, let’s wait to find out who, after all, is #IndiasMostLovedCEO.

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