Shalom from Israel: A Short Travel Update

I am typing this on my broken phone from the Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel – so this is going to be a very short update about this incredible trip that I never thought I’d take.

Exploring Jerusalem with Woodland Outdoor Gear.

Being an Indian Army Wife, I am obviously in love with the Israeli army and their fierce combat history – and I have been fascinated with Jerusalem for almost forever, thanks to my convent schooling. But I never imagined I would get a chance to explore the great Israeli outdoors in such a grand way! And I am officially in love with this stunning country.

Snorkeling with dolphins at Red Sea witu Woodland.

I have spent the last week here in Israel and it has been all about the outdoors and adventures, with some yummy food and lots of exploring. In short, this was exactly my kind of a vacation!

In the Negev, between the mountain biking.

This was an adventure trip with Woodland and Israel Tourism Ministry and everything was arranged and planned keeping outdoors and adventure in mind. And oh my God, what a week it has been!

Dead Sea through the terrific. Woodland Eye Wear.

I trekked the unique mountains, I camped in the Negev which is one of the two deserts in Israel, and I did Rappelling (which is how I broke my phone). I did mountain biking for almost three hours in exotic mountainous terrain with cliffs on one side and Israeli mountain goats on another. I experienced floating in the Dead Sea, swimming in the Red Sea and splashed in the Mediterranean Sea for a long time.  And – yes, I’ve kept the best or the last – I tried Sky Diving!

The Tomb Of Jesus, Jerusalem.

I will obviously tell you more about the entire trip later, but today as I sit at the Ben Gurion Airport, ready to leave, I feel strangely emotional and strongly attached to beautiful Israel and it’s warm people. I wish I visit again. Until then, Shalom!

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