Seven Cool Things About RISE Conference Day 1

Highlights of my Day 1 at the RISE Conference in Hong Kong.

Exploring Israel, Woodland Explore More

Exploring Israel: Adventure With Woodland

Rappelling and Scooby diving, Hikes and Sky Diving – My trip to Israel was full of adventure and with Woodland as the outdoor partner, it was all that I had imagined, and more.

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My Israel Trip, And Why I Loved It.

Travel Changes you. You never come back from a trip the same as you were before you started. Similar is the story of my Israel trip. I got back from a week-long Israel trip just a day back, and I can already tell that something in me has changed. Ever since I sat on the […]

Shalom from Israel: A Short Travel Update

I am typing this on my broken phone from the Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel – so this is going to be a very short update about this incredible trip that I never thought I’d take. Being an Indian Army Wife, I am obviously in love with the Israeli army and their fierce combat […]

the type of heartbreak

The Type Of Heartbreak…

… that breaks you in pieces, not because of the love you lost – in fact, I don’t think love is even in consideration here – but because of the realization that you gave someone or something a power this big, against your better judgement. That type of heartbreak is the worst. I found the […]

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day, Ma!

Dear Ma Happy Mother’s Day! I am going to make little sense here, but read on anyway. If I were to count the times you’ve put me before yourself, I’d go crazy. I can’t count that far, you know numbers were never my thing (sorry Papa!). But words are kind of my thing, so instead […]

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