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Sri Lanka Can Be Your Next Adventure Destination!

It was a  lazy Sunday morning when my college friend sent me pictures from her Sri Lanka trip. She was on a wildlife safari with elephants, she was in an hot air balloon over a picturesque landscape and she was jumping in the ocean for a refreshing swim – in short, she was having an adventure filled holiday in Sri Lanka. I was spellbound!

Honestly, I had not even considered Sri Lanka as an adventure destination until now.  And seeing my friend have the time of here life in Sri Lanka, I researched and fell more in love with Sri Lanka! You already know that I am all about adventure travel, from Himalayan Hikes to treks to offbeat vacations to water sports, and everything in between. So, my research on Sri Lanak as an adventure destination filled me with joy. This post is about what I found, and I hope it makes you want to visit Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Trip, How to plan a trip to Sri Lanka
The famous Stilit Fisherman, Sri Lanka

For those who don’t know where Sri Lanka is located at, it’s spotted south of India. And towards its south, you will see thousands of miles of ocean spreading across all the possible directions, until you find Antarctica. The country is well-known for its romantic destinations – one among them is Maldives, which can be reached in an hour via flight. This is an outstanding place to refresh your spirit and soothe your soul. Book your flight tickets today using Cleartrip and be rest assured about getting the best prices.

The place is renowned for its tea plantation, Buddhist temples, heritage site, beaches, waterfalls, jungles and much more. But in this article we will talk a lot about adventure places to visit in Sri Lanka. So read on to know some of the best attractions to visit, adventure destinations and highlights of Sri Lanka.


Yala National Park

Sri Lanka Trip
Yala National Park.

This is Sri Lanka’s most popular wildlife park that hosts a great range of animals. You will see leopards prowling in the bush, elephants roaming on the roads, and it’s definitely a place that is sprawling heaven of birds, reptiles and much more. To the southeast of this place, you can explore a region that is literally covered with hundreds of old temples and bygone cities that are awaiting to be discovered in the forests. Plan for a hiking or trekking in the mountain rain forest located in the Knuckles range. You will for sure can catch sight of very rare species of birds, orchids while feeling the exhilaration of thrilling spots and much more.


Rock Climbing

Sri Lanka Trip
Rock Climbing.

Want to experience the excitement of crumbling rocks beneath your feet, height rocks that are no less to the head spinning ones? Yes, we are talking about Sri Lanka mountains and needless to say the beauty of Bambarakanda waterfalls. Here are some of the mountains of Sri Lanka that you should consider to add to your bucket list if you are an adrenaline junkie for adventures – Sigiriya, Horton Plains, Knuckles range, Ella range, Buttala and Polonnaruwa and more.


Hot Air Ballooning

Sri Lanka Trip
Hot Air Balooning.

Take a ride in the skies of Sri Lanka while enjoying a thrilling view of signs, sites from the paradise above. Hot air ballooning should be your must try activity when you visit Sri Lanka. It gives a unique experience of drifting over the wildlife, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, heritage sites, famous landmarks like Sigiriya Rock and more floating at a height of 2000 above the ground, seamlessly taking sunrise rides. You should also view the magical view of dawn.

Then there are a lot of other activities such as diving, whale watching, deep sea fishing and much more to explore. Clearly, my research is making me want to explore Sri Lanka as soon as possible! I hope that the Sri Lanka Trip happens soon for me, and for all of you who read this and are planning to visit soon.

Happy Travelling!

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4 thoughts on “Sri Lanka Can Be Your Next Adventure Destination!


    (March 28, 2016 - 11:42 am)

    I think it’s time to head to Sri Lanka again and have an adventure trip. The thought of the hot air balloon ride is what I found most attractive. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.


    (March 28, 2016 - 12:19 pm)

    Nice post, Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Nitin Tyagi

    (May 2, 2016 - 4:56 pm)

    Sri Lanka is a very nice place to visit. Have heard from many people. Hope to visit it one day.

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