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Travel Experiences: Fuelled By Love

Have you watched the new British Airways Fuelled By Love video yet? Here it is:

Makes you smile, doesn’t it? Makes you step in the shoes of Helena here, the British Airways crew member who falls in love with India on her first visit. India can sure be overwhelming for a first time traveller, but no one leaves this magical and charming country without becoming a part of its rich and varied culture in some way. I am right, aren’t I?

I know I am because when I watched this video for the first time, I was reminded of a recent incident that was narrated to me by one of my very close friends, Priyanka. Few months back, Priyanka was flying from Heathrow to New Delhi with her 5 months old daughter. This was the first flight Priyanka was taking after the birth of her daughter, and she was understandably a little stressed. Just as she was settling in her seat, one of the ladies from the British Airways crew came over to help her and offered to hold the baby while she adjusted the diaper-bag, her hand bag and a million other things that new mothers have to carry with them.

While settling down, Priyanka mentioned to her that she was scared because this was the baby’s first flight and she was alone (her husband was staying back in London, and was scheduled to join them in India after a month). “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that!” said the kind lady with a reassuring smile, while slightly swinging the baby in her arms, soothing her. “She’s a sweetheart, I can already tell!”

“Oh, wait till she starts to cry.” Priyanka said looking around at her co-passengers. “She is loud and I am afraid she’ll wake the others up”

“Oh no, she’ll be fine, I’m sure. And I am here to help, I have a nephew and I am pretty good with him.” She offered.

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And true to her words, this kind and very helpful British Airways crew member, helped Priyanka a lot – she would come to ask Priyanka if she needed a lavatory break and offered to hold the baby meanwhile. She even helped Priyanka with changing the baby’s diaper, and when the baby finally drifted off to a peaceful sleep – got a hot cup of coffee for the new-mother and chatted with her, making sure she is not stressed any more. Over the flight duration, other crew members also came to Priyanka specially, and told her funny anecdotes about babies they’ve seen on flights and made her comfortable.

If you are a parent who has travelled alone with a new-born, you will understand how much this support means!

Priyanka thanked her for being her friend in need on the long flight and hugged her before getting down the plan in New Delhi.

“We are always here to help!” She told Priyanka. “Your baby’s first flight should be memorable, both for you and her.”

She was not only helpful and friendly, but this kind lady went out of her way to make sure that Priyanka felt at home all through the flight duration, and that is something amazing. The staff at British Airways did not just do their duty, but personally ensured that the guests on-board were treated with love and care. That’s the thing about love and care – it never goes unnoticed, and Priyanka still remembers her with fondness and swears by her heart-warming British Airways experience!

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And watching this video made me see the other side to the story as well. I am sure that India gives fond memories to the crew as well, and the deep bond that the travellers and crew members form, is touching. I read about British Airways’ #CrewStories and I think that the relationship the crew forms with the Indian customers, is strong and is very much a part of the identity of what British Airways stands for. It is a relationship that is formed on the basis of mutual respect. British Airways loves India, and through the experience of my dear friend Priyanka, I can safely say that India loves it right back.

That is the thing about India anyway, isn’t it? We love with all our hearts and we understand the value of trust, love and heartfelt gratitude.

A little about British Airways: They have customized their product and service to suit the Indian customers. They have been flying to India for over 90 years and currently operate 49 flights a week from London Heathrow to five cities – New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

And the #fuelledbylove video makes me want to buy a ticket – oh, two, for me and my daughter who loves the window seat on long flights and sits up in wonder at the clouds all the time – and jump on the next British Airways flight to London. I’ll get to experience their #LoveIndia one of a kind service personally, and I’ll also explore London which is on the top of this Travel Blogger’s bucket list!

Happy Travelling!

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    (March 5, 2016 - 12:54 am)

    That’s heart warming to see the human touch, something I experienced when I stayed at Trident in Gurgaon. I’ve seen flight crew who are rude but also met some lovely people. What a nice air hostess your friend met. Your post reminds me of Neerja Bhanot. I watched Neerja yesterday and am still feeling very emotional.

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