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A Trip To Ladies Market, Hong Kong

Ladies Market, Hong Kong is an inexpensive fashion street-shopping heaven.

And for me, shopping is love.

No, seriously. I am an out-of-closet shopaholic and travel for me simply means 3 things – Explore, Eat and Shop. These three things make for a big chunk of the overall travel experience of me, and I am sure its the same for all travel addicts out there.

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The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Ladies Market, Hong Kong
The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Ladies Market, Hong Kong

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Ladies Market in Hong Kong was so much fun that the evening spent wandering around this 1 km stretch with my sister was the highlight of my trip. I had loads of fun interacting with the locals, shopped to our heart’s desire, got a few really good bargains on the way,  and had some yummy street food later that night – making it a perfect girl’s night out! Here is a short account of my Trip to Ladies Market, Hong Kong and I’m sure it will make you want to check it out when you go on a discover Hong Kong trip.

TIP: Ladies Market, Hong Kong is closed for cars and other vehicles from 12 noon till midnight.

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Ladies Market, Hong Kong

Is Ladies Market The Best Place To Shop in Hong Kong?

A lot of people said to me, before my visit to Ladies Market Hong Kong, that it might not be worth a visit and I might as well go to Shen Zhen if street-shopping is on my mind. Some said it was way too crowded with loads of small stalls selling the same things, while some said it was smelly and getting a bargain was quite tough. But me and my sister, the suckers for street-shopping, went anyway.

And thank God we did! This place is great. It is overwhelming at first, it is buzzing with energy, it is colourful, it is exciting and it is touristy – the exact mix of thing we sisters like. Ha-ha. I mean, isn’t all this what street-shopping is all about anyway? Right. We had a great time here, and the Ladies Market, Hong Kong reminded me a little of my trip to Pasar Malam in Singapore. Which also, I absolutely loved.

From Mark Jacobs to Mulberry, everything is available here, and although fakes and copies are illegal (yes!) – here they are in all their glory. And it is such fun to see people carrying suitcases to put in their shopping!

Shopping Guide to Ladies Market in Hong Kong

If you are travelling to Hong Kong, I suggest you plan a trip to Ladies Market. Go here for some unadulterated fun. Be prepared to walk in a crowded aisles and to haggle, and you’ll have fun.

Where to shop in Hong Kong

Where is Ladies Market, Hong Kong?

Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon.

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Ladies Market, Hong Kong

[Check out this cute Fringe Bag I just bought online at an almost same price that I was getting at Ladies’ market Hon Kong]

How To Reach Ladies Market Hong Kong?

Reaching anywhere in Hong Kong is pretty damn easy anyway, and that is one of the best things I like about being here. I am particularly in love with the streets of Hong Kong! You can explore Hong Kong without a hassle with MTR, buses and ferry rides that are as beautiful as they are convenient. For reaching Ladies Market, here are the easiest instructions from anywhere in Hong Kong:

  • MTR Mong Kok Station, Exit E2. Walk along Nelson Street for two blocks.
  • Bus 1, 1A, 2, 6 or 9 from Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry pier and get off at Nelson Street station

As for my personal experience, I was staying at The Gateway, Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) and I took the MTR (Metro) from the TST MTR Station. I used my Octopus Metro Card and I strongly recommend getting it if you’re in Hong Kong for longer than a week. If you are in the same area, go to the TST train station and take the train that’s going towards Tsuen Wan.

Get off the train at Mongkok Station that will be the third stop. Now, head for the Bank Centre exit that is signed E and then E2. Once you are out of the station, just walk directly away for 50 meters to the junction with Tong Choi Street, or just ask someone -anyone! In less than 3 minutes, you will find yourself at Ladies Market, Hong Kong.

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Ladies Market, Hong Kong


Opening Hours:

Pretty much noon till about midnight.

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Ladies Market, Hong Kong

What to Buy at Ladies Market, Hong Kong:

More like, what not to buy! You’ll find so many irresistible things here that you’ll want to get your hand on, from latest handbags, to cool watches, from cute clothes for kids to trendy skirts and dressed for adults. There are tee shirts, wallets and coin purses, cute footwear, denims, lingerie that’s racy and sexy, costumes for kids and adults (from regular fun costumes to even the sexy nurse type – if you know what I mean), imitation scarves and sunglasses, junk jewellery like charm bracelets and neck pieces.

[Here is a super cute Charm Bracelet if you’re looking for one. ]

Imitations of brands like Marc Jacobs, Ed Hardy, True Religion, Alexander McQueen, Tiffany, Top Shop, DKNY, Jimmy Choo, Tag, Diesel, Converse, and more are all here for you to lust over. Cute gadgets and related accessories like Power banks shaped like a Minion, Flash Drives in the entire The Simpson Family shape, Phone Covers, iPhone/iPad accessories, Smart Watches,  amazing Toys are also available at exciting prices.

BTW, I am absolutely in love with this Bart Simpson Flash Drive!

And oh, Pashmina and silk too!

But remember kids, you need to be prepared for some haggling. I’m pretty bad at it, but between me and my sister, we were able to get some great deals, especially some super cute clothes with this super stylish lady herself, who gave us BIG discounts on my daughter’s Disney sweat shirt and high couture kids’ dresses because we were “very fashionable Indians” – her words, not mine. And look at her – She’s so damn pretty! I love her, obviously.

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Ladies Market, Hong Kong

What Else To Do in Ladies Market?

Just walk this 4-blocks 1 km stretch that harbors over 100 stalls, and though it is pretty crowded by the evening – if you love street-shopping, you will love this exciting little street. Look, choose and bargain. And if you are like me, stop for a minute, stand in the middle of all the buzzing energy, and take a deep breath to take it all in. And oh, click pictures!

While shopping, check if the item is a fake . It is always good to check the quality, for example, check the lining of the bags and the zippers, etc. Try and get a good bargain, and when in doubt – take a walk to the next stall, and then the next, before you decide to buy an item.  Also, do take a look at the fun phone sets they have here. cute, right?

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Ladies Market, Hong Kong


Great Deals I Got at Ladies Market in Hong Kong:

  • A Disney (I am sure it is original and I don’t care what anyone else says!) sweat shirt for my 3 year old daughter for 100 HKD.
  • An amazing cute trench-coat-dress for my daughter again, for 150 HKD. Very high fashion!
  • A quirky metal neck piece for 10 HKD
  • A very cool neck tie for my brother for 12 HKD
  • A H&M current season (and extremely cute!) scarf for 8 HKD
  • A Marc Jacobs imitations real leather hand bag for 215 HKD
  • A 64 GB Bart Simpson pen drive for 10 HKD. (working well for now)
  • A ‘The Simpsons’ back-pack like Le Sportsac for 80 HKD
  • A hand painted Chinese Umbrella for 50 HKD
  • An iPhone 6-S cover for 4 HKD (after extreme bargaining and maybe because it was pretty damn late in the evening by then)
  • A bunch of souvenirs – fridge magnets, key chains, the type – under 10 HKD each.
  • A Puzzle Book that is both a story book and 3 puzzles that can be taken off the book-pages and arranged, for my daughter for 7 HKD.
  • Set of Chinese Wooden Dolls for 45 HKD

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The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Ladies Market, Hong Kong

Ladies Market Hong Kong is pretty similar to the also-very-famous Temple Street Night Market, and whichever you cover first, the other one will seem almost alike.

Yes, I went pretty crazy here as well. (“as well” because I was crazy shopping at Harbour City the shopping mall before this as well. Long story, need another post for that!)

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Ladies Market, Hong Kong
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Where To Eat at Ladies Market in HK?

Just outside this street, there are plenty of local food joints that serve all local delicacies and are fresh and yum. We had cheese burgers at the McDonalds outlet here, and I also spotted a Starbucks. Basically, eating is not an issue around here. Just wander around and you’ll find something good.

So, I hope you are now looking forward to a trip to the Ladies Market in Hong Kong. And let me tell you,  even if  street-shopping is not your thing, even when you have no plans of buying any of the stuff from here, you should definitely visit it because the Ladies Market in Hong Kong is an opportunity to experience the spirit of Hong Kong, and a not-to-be-missed chance to interact with the locals here.

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Shopping in local neighborhoods is a great way to experience the culture and every day life in whatever country you are travelling to, and this experience falls right in the category!

More info on the Ladies Market, Hong Kong can be found on the official website of Hong Kong Tourism – Discover Hong Kong. Yes, the same folks who were the sponsors of the Wine & Dine Festival which I attended. So go on, plan a trip to the Ladies Market Hong Kong, and tell me about your experience. Or, ask me anything you want to know about the place, if you’re planning a Hong Kong Trip. I’d be happy to help!

Happy Shopping!

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