Parents, You Need To #DoYourHomework

When my daughter turned 3 this year, I asked her what every concerned parent would want to know as early as possible : “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“A Helicopter.” The 3 year old  said with missing a beat.

“Er, great choice.” I said and patted her back, and the husband and I had a good laugh for days.

This was 6 months back and her answer changes every time we ask her. Today, she said she wants to be a Face Painter when she grows up – the kind that only paints her own face and roams around in parks, claiming swing sets by her “Map Powers”, whatever that means. She is blessed with vivid imagination and we as parents, know that whatever she chooses to be when it is finally the time to chose, she will not go the regular way. Like all the kids today.

Seriously. Gone are the days when kids had very few options for their future – either a Doctor or an Engineer. The kids today are aware of the myriad choices available to them, and are also highly evolved than the last generation, in terms of knowing their own strong points. They know that their future choices can go beyond the conventional choices. For them, sky is NOT the limit. They are not scared of exploring new avenues. They are ready and prepared for a future that is full of possibilities.

But are the parents ready and prepared for this? Are we, as parents of this dynamic generation, equipped to deal with the choices our kids make for their future, ready to ensure that the future they dream about is safe and secure? I ask this because it is of utmost importance that we the parents, are well prepared for the kid’s decisions, and are able to plan for the child’s future accordingly.

The world today is full of possibilities. Don’t be surprised when your kid decides to be a Wall Graffiti Artist, or a Coffee Mug Doodler-er, or something equally exotic and scary at the same time to us, the parents. But they will make it work, I can assure you that. The question is, will we make it work for them? Think about it. Watching this video below opened my eyes to

so many things, like the huge need to be prepared, to do my homework, and I want to share it with all parents who are reading this. Watch it:

Today’s kids have innumerable career options, and the children’s aspirations are very different from the past generations. It is a refreshing thing, and the message it give us parents is – Do Your Homework and be prepared for your kid’s decision – both, emotionally and financially.

Children’s Education and Education Related Expenses Need Planning. Every parent wants to provide the best education for the kid, and it does not come cheap. Education today is a big expense for parents, and if you don’t plan it well, you might find yourself struggling in order to fulfill the requirements for your kid’s future in the best way possible. The answer is simple – Invest in their future! Invest in solid and promising policies – and the best policy is to start early.

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Parents, You Need To #DoYourHomework

Children’s education is a long-term goal for many parents, and the ideal way to plan for it would be by investing in mutual funds through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). This, in my opinion, is the most secure way to ensure that parents do their homework. I read articles, I researched online and asked experts that I personally knew – and a good SIP seems like the answer.

Has this post got you thinking about your kids’ future and your plans to be ready for it? Well, then I would recommend you check out the #DoYourHomework Platform which explains the Why, How and What of being prepared from the parents perspective. The highlight here is that it also suggests the ideal amount parents should invest in order to meet the future requirements, and you can easily check it on the website.

An added, and super fun advantage of Axis Mutual Fund’s #DoYourHomework platform for me, was The Fun Section which has some amazing books for all age groups, and you can find it easily on the website. My 3 year old LOVED the painting books they have available for download. There are Short Stories and Crossword Books available for older kids to help them explore their creativity and try out something new while you do your homework. Go ahead, let the kids explore the various careers by reading short stories on various professions, trying their hand with coloring or solving crossword puzzles on various professions. Fun, right?

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Plan For Your Kid’s Future

You can also download the Do Your Homework app! Easy and convenient.

All I’m saying it that we parents need to start planning our kids’ future and education, as early as possible, and #DoYourHomework is a great place to start. It makes you think, it urges you to start now and it nudges you to make the best choice for the kids. Because kids are the future of our race, and we want the future to be bright, right?

Happy Parenting!

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