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Time To Save Money With #JanoTohMano

Saving money is my Achilles Heels. No matter how much I have, I always end up spending it. Over the years, my only trick to save money has been Not Keeping Cash With Myself. If I don’t have it, I won’t spend it, right? Wrong. I completely ignored the fact that I own a credit card and that most stores now take debit cards as well. Joking about my inability to save up, I am often found joking about it. “It is like the universe wants me to spend!” I recently told a relative who was telling me about a few good SIP schemes to invest in. Then, today a friend of mine told me that she bought a piece of gold jewellery just by saving a part of her house hold budget. What is a household budget? I asked her, flabbergasted.

The thing is, after more than 6 years of being married, the husband and I have never budget-ed our lives. We spend whatever we get, living from salaries to salaries. Even when we try to save some money, we lose our focus to things like online shopping, off season sales and on eating out. Also, the advice people give to save money, are downright confusing. Hence, we save nothing. Terrible, I know! And now we want to reform ourselves.

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Now, with a kid and other “grown up” expenses, we feel the need to clear this confusion, sit down together and plan some bankable saving plan for our future, and our daughter’s future as well. And sat down we did – only to get even more confused about the various money-saving advices we got from people! Here is a quick list of what we were told when we can’t seem to save money:

1.Keep Money Plant in a bottle on the window sill in the north-east side of the house. Keep a money plant in every room. Keep a money plant inside the locker. In short, start a money plant nursery.

2. Look out for schemes on emails, that ask you to send money to a “prince” from a foreign land and he will double it in no time. Pretty much like the man in the video.

So naturally, I was confused. How can any of this help me save money, and maybe make it grow too? Why do we keep our faith in these superstitions and silly rituals when it comes to investing money? It’s funny how we think that forwarding an email will lead to a good investment. Thankfully, my husband knew better. He researched a few options and told me about the #JanoTohMano option! Seriously, there is no way to turn your milk into curd instantly.

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Birla Sun Life SIP

Thanks to him, I know now have full faith in Birla Sun Life Mutual Funds. It comes with several benefits, and a single policy offering multiple benefits is just one of them. Just go on their website and enter the amount you can save monthly, and it will tell you how much you can save and grow in a certain period of time. Everything about this SIP is explained on the page – from what is an Equity SIP, to How To Get Started. And the best part for people like me, people who have absolutely no idea about SIPs or even investment, there is a section called Simplify Mutual Funds where they explain the concept with easy – and might I add, FUN – examples. If you still have more questions, you can Request A Call Back. Amazing, isn’t it?

We have decided to invest in Birla Sun Life’s Mutual Funds and I suggest you try it too. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned, right? #JanoTohMano is the answer.

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