Goodbye 2015!

Dear 2015

You will be gone in a few hours. Already! Who can believe that? I had barely gotten used to writing 2015 instead of 2014 and poof! You’re just gonna last for a few hours now, most of which I plan to spend happily dancing and checking if Gauri has a running nose yet. So, I’m doing a quick post for you. Why, you very well deserve it, old friend!
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2015, you were a mixed bag for me, and my hope / aim is always euphoria so I’d say you underwhelmed.


But it was spiked with big moments here and there, a few important lessons I needed to learn (probably), steady but strong progress that I made on a few fronts and little moments with family that couldn’t be captured in my selfie-cam but will stay with me forever. 

Like I said, Mixed Bag.

I was hoping my second book will be out this year, but now it is scheduled for Feb 2016. But no complains, obviously. I gave a lot of late nights to this blog, this year and that is something I’m proud of. Because of work and other commitments, I can only write my personal stuff late, verrrry late in the night, mostly while watching the Late, Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert. But I managed, right? 

A lot of things left me underwhelmed in 2015 and a couple of them were really depressing. Let’s not even talk about it now. Instead, let’s talk about how you, dear 2015, were good in unexpected way.

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Here’s to a great 2016!
My Highlights of 2015:
  • My work with GIO Adventures. Stressful at times, made me feel like a crazy juggler a lot, and made me question my believes about myself too – but overall, extremely fun and motivating. 
  • Travelling solo with Gauri for the first time and LOVING it to the core. Infact, I’m making it a resolution for 2016.
  • Family time! 2015 saw my sister and me meeting a lot. It was so much fun and now I miss her. Mom staying with me, more than once. Bliss. (Hate the fact that dad didn’t stay long enough and brother was bound by exam schedules etc. Hope he makes up for it now that he’s almost done with the studies and also placed in a great firm – more on this later.)
  • Signing the contract for Book 2. *dances and twirls*
  • Re-Discovering the joys of Offbeat Travel with Surdingdhar. What a place! It is an offbeat heaven in the Himalayas and I will never, never get over it. 
  • Watching Gauri dance like a superstar at her life’s very first Annual School Function. We held hands tightly in the audiences, and cried, I swear. (although the husband will deny crying and say he was focusing so hard on the stage that his eyes watered.)
  • Seeing a woman reading Soldier & Spice at Delhi Airport and trying to click a picture of her with the book, without being noticed. Couldn’t do it, I was too emotional and people were staring at me. Also, couldn’t walk up to her and introduce myself as the amazing author of the book she’s reading because that would have been creepy, right? RIGHT?
  • Getting featured as an achiever in Indian Army’s own publication, the very famous and almost the gospel for Indian Army Wives – Wedded To Olive Green. 
  • The eventful and super fun trip to Hong Kong. My travel posts about Hong Kong saw a lot of traffic too, so that’s another good thing. (yeah, I get high on stats)
  • Goa Trip 1 with Renault Lodgy and Blogadda. Came as a surprise and loved it to the very last minute.
  • Goa Trip 2 for the Media launch of Renault Kwid. Also, very last minute and extremely fun.
  • Working with some very cool travel brands and blogging about them.
  • Travel Blogging – I shifted from only humor posts to also writing about my travels because people kept asking me to and I thought let’s give it a shot. I was completely prepared to stop if it didn’t take. And Viola, it works! Now my Travel Blog Posts get me the most traffic and brand collaborations.
  • Participating in Indian’s first virtual Literature Festival LitFestX, and then going on to be one of the most viewed videos on the channel!
  • My little brother getting a kick ass placement from NICMAR, his college. 
  • The day over 6,500 people came to my Travel To Andaman Post! I kept thinking it was bots or something, but after compulsive obsessive research I am proud to tell you that those were real people. 
  • Being featured on Women’s Web as one of the Top 20 Contemporary Indian Writers to Follow
  • The day I got recognised by a – I want to say “fan” but I’ll refrain – reader at a public place. “OMG I LOVE YOUR BOOK” she said. “Me too.” I said, looking at the carpet and blushing. Don’t worry, I’ve gotten better now.
Wow. Writing all this made me feel … good.

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My 2016 resolutions.
2015 wasn’t all the bad, eh? I know, a few things, the ones I considered the most important, should have happened and luck should have been on my side for a few absolutely crucial things – but it’s okay. There’s still time. 

It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

2016 will be goooood.

So, this is goodbye 2015!
I hope 2016 is the year of euphoria, success, epic happiness and togetherness for me, and for all of you. Let’s be good, let’s hustle and be kind. 

Here’s to 2016!

I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda

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