Goodbye 2015!

Dear 2015 You will be gone in a few hours. Already! Who can believe that? I had barely gotten used to writing 2015 instead of 2014 and poof! You’re just gonna last for a few hours now, most of which I plan to spend happily dancing and checking if Gauri has a running nose yet. […]

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Hotel Formule1: New Standards for Comfort & Class

It has been a week’s break since I last posted something here, but I have been extremely busy travelling and working – mostly, travelling for work. And that is how I discovered Hotel Formule1 by Accor Hotels. So this is a Hotel Review, and I am glad I experienced it. You know how much I […]

I’m talking About Body Issues & Postpartum Depression Because I Know What It’s Like

I have always had body issue. There, I said it.    And I don’t even think it’s unique to me. Everyone I know – okay, almost everyone I know, has body issues, or at least has had them at some point in life. I will not go too far to say that only women suffer […]

Write for India: An Idea: A Short Story Collaboration

Have I told you about InkHorn Publishing India yet? Well, it is a brand new publishing house in India which is conceptually so beautiful that it will make you want to write and get published immediately. InkHorn is a Publishing House that is author friendly, is transparent, is incredibly driven and I am a part of it! […]

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