Travel Tips: 10 Things To Do in Hong Kong in One Day

This one is about my Trip to Hong Kong!
If you’re on my social medial network, you already know that I recently  had a very long, totally amazing trip to Hong Kong and I am suffering from Hong Kong Blues already! Let me tell you right at the start, that I already want to live there happily ever after – I am so impressed!

I have written about my favourite outside-India trips – and my trip to Santorini was a part of it, along with my travel tales about Mykonos. But Singapore by far, has been on top! Until now, because I’m serious – drum roll – Hong Kong is now on top of my Favourite Destination List! My Trip to Hong Kong was amazing! The city is so beautiful and magical, of course, but what mesmerises me even more is the efficiency and the processes that make life Oh-So-Easy. A government that puts the tax paying citizens and there needs first, wins my vote hands down, and here in Hong Kong, you tend to think that it’s not so difficult either. I mean, with a population of 7.24 million, they are managing it pretty damn fine!
Anyway, all that is material for another post, and I also have to rush to the Wine and Dine Festival so I’ll make this one quick and easy – for someone who wants to know what all can be done in Hong Kong in 24 Hours. Yes!

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My Trip to Hong Kong: That’s me, at Pacific Club, Harbour City, Hong Kong.


So, you have one day in Hong Kong? That, to my one week of Hong Kong knowledge, is going to be a decent time to cover the best of Hong Kong. Obviously I am not going to tell you you can cover Hong Kong Disneyland or even the mesmerising Tian Tan Buddha in 24 hours of your trip to Hong Kong, although you could if you wanted to, but that would be pretty rushed and I won’t recommend it. My list will also not cover the beautiful hikes that are spread all over Hong Kong (My favourite, the Dragon Back Trail), or the Hong Kong Ocean Park which is wonderful because these places require you to spend time and enjoy them. 
For just one day, you need to stay focused, be extremely well-planned and do it like the locals do. Just follow my Hong Kong itinerary and you’ll get the best out of your 24 hours, I promise. 

My Trip to Hong Kong: 10 Things To Do in Hong Kong in One Day

1. Experience the impressive local transport system. To go to almost all places next on this list, you can take the MTR (which is the Hong Kong Metro) or try the Buses and you’ll be all set for your entire trip to Hong Kong. MTR is super fast, and very economical too. I’ve got myself an Octopus Card here, which lets you travel in MTR, buses and even lets you shop in a lot of outlets where you can pay using your Octopus card. But for one day, I say, just use cash and be happy. 
1.1 (Because this is a part of the first point, in a way) To feel the vibe of Hong Kong, to experience the real deal – Walk around Hong Kong. I am literally walking all around Hong Kong these days because there is a strong walking culture here, with almost the entire population walking to and back from work, shopping, school and almost everywhere else.  and I am loving it. Wear comfortable shoes, and just walk on.

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A Trip to Hong Kong will Enchant you.
2. Try the Dim Sums and go to heaven. Seriously, the sheer variety of Dim Sums here will amaze you. The food here is little bland for an Indian pallet, but is delicious and fresh. Hong Kong imports almost everything, even dairy – and the quality of street food is also high. So, try the steamed shrimp dumplings at a fine dining restaurant, or get steaming hot Dim Sum offer at any Dai Pai Dong, and relish the Cantonese and Chinese delicacy.
3. Check out the Kowloon Park. Sure, it was really close to Harbour City, where I was staying – but it really is worth a visit during your trip to Hong Kong. With fountains, gardens, Sunday stalls of various home made things, and more, this is a place where you can relax and also soak in some nature. If you are travelling with kids, they will LOVE it. 

Hong Kong Tourism, Hong Kong Travel Guide, Travel blog, Hong Kong trip guide, 10 things to do in Hong Kong in one day
Trip to Hong Kong


4. Take a ride in the Star Ferry, gaze at the Hong Kong skyline and click away!

Hong Kong Tourism, Hong Kong Travel Guide, Travel blog, Hong Kong trip guide, 10 things to do in Hong Kong in one day
Take a Trip to Hong Kong, for this!


5. Experience the phenomenon that is the Mid Level Escalators. No seriously, you might have seen escalators in malls or other buildings, but Hong Kong takes these moving staircases to a whole new level with a series of escalators that move only in one direction during office rush hours. On either side of these escalators, the streets are lined with pubs, restaurants and shops where you can shop, eat or just stand and witness the crowd that uses these escalators to go to and back from work every day. 
6. Go see the Harbour City Mall. Sure, it’s only a mall – but only when you step inside, will you know how grand this one is. It is HUGE. And I have seen malls in various other countries, so I know huge when I see one. It is 2 million Sq. Ft in area, and you can walk to Star Ferry, MTR and bus Stations very easily. Overlooking the ocean, Harbour City has beautiful balconies, a state of art gym called the pacific Club, few luxury hotels like the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, a lot of restaurants and eating joints for everything from BLT Burgers, to fine dining, from gourmet Macaroons to your regular Starbucks. I got lucky, as I stayed in one of the service apartments in Harbour City called Gateway Apartments – thanks to my Sister and Brother in law, and that, I think, was the best part of my trip to Hong Kong. Seriously. Check them out here.

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I stayed at Harbour City during my Trip to Hong Kong


7. See the Symphony of Lights, where big buildings and sky scrapers come to life with light and sound show, everyday at 8, and it is just plain beautiful. In fact, this was magical to experience when I first saw it. 
8. In the evening, check out the famous LKF street that is lined with buzzing bars and is full of tourists, expats and locals alike. Indulge in some bar hopping, guzzle beer or whatever your choice of drink is and just let the buzzing party vibe set in. I loved my evenings here, and I have a feeling you will too. Do check LKF out during you trip to Hong Kong, I say!

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Trip to Hong Kong!


9. Try the colourful night market called Ladies Market at Mong Kok. The place is full of latest designer (knock offs, obviously) bags, cute clothes, sex toys and role play costumes (yes, plenty.), souvenirs, gadgets and what not! This is one experience that I totally loved during my Trip to Hong Kong, and highly recommend. This is a small street but is pretty stacked with good bargains. And one more things – to all the Fashion Instagrammers selling fashion accessories and clothes,  I know your secret now.

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10. Take a ride in Hong Kong’s Famous Junks. These are wooden bat-winged boats that were Hong Kong’s signature symbol, but only a few are left now. Take an hour long cruise on one of these and see the Victoria Harbour (Hey, you can check off Victoria Harbour also from your list, heehee). During my trip to Hong Kong, I did this cruise with the Aqua Group, because the boat runs between Tsim Sha Tsui and Central around 7 times daily. The 45-minute cruise will cost you HK$150 (daytime) or HK$180 in the evening. Not really cheap, but the experience is worth it, I think. So go on, travel in style with a red junk.


My Trip to Hong Kong, Hong Kong Tourism Blog, Travel tips to Hong Kong, Harbour city hong kong, travel blog India
Fell in love with this city! My Trip to Hong Kong.

That’s it. Actually, even if you manage to do five of these during your Trip to Hong Kong, you’ll get a great Hong Kong experience in one day – so don’t worry and do it at your own pace. Enjoy the spirit of Hong Kong, and stay tuned for my next blog posts about my wonderful Trip to Hong Kong – travel tips, travel stories, best of Hong Kong and lots more. My article on Shopping in Ladies Market Hong Kong is getting a lot of love from you, so thank you for that! 

Happy Travelling!

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