The Season Of Happiness is Here!

A beautifully wrapped gift with your name-tag on it is a sure way to a quick and big smile, isn’t it?

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I was in 11th standard at school and it was that time of the year when I had to go out in the market and pick out gifts for my sister and brother. Yes, it was Diwali time! I wanted to pick something that made them ecstatic – just like every year.

Diwali is just around the corner and it literally is the season of Happiness for me. Ever since I can remember, Diwali has been about making people happy – it is like a family tradition. We are 3 siblings, and our mom would instruct us to save money months before Diwali, and get gifts for each other. We loved it because we were always looking forward to receiving gifts, but more than that, the idea of finding the best gift that would make the person jump with joy, was what mattered the most.

And I guess that is the same even after all these year – I love picking out the best gifts for friends and family, and I really wish hard that my choice of gifts makes them happy. It is the reaction I get, that makes me happy. It is the season of happiness after all, isn’t it?

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So, when I was in 11th standard at school, I picked a video game for my brother -the one he had wanted for months, and a low waist denim for my sister which were a new rage at the time and she had her eyes on. Their reaction? Priceless. Made my Diwali.It is like gifting yourself happiness, through the joy of others.

And this is what Diwali should be all about – Happiness.

And this year is no different. Let us make other happy and bring joy to our friends and family by gifting happiness.

You already read about my review of the Asus EeeBook X205TA, and you know I am pretty impressed with Asus. And when I found out that Asus is brightening up lives this Diwali with the “Har  Pal Happiness Offer”, I knew I had found the perfect gift for this Diwali. The offer is amazing, as the customers buying a ASUS Zenfone will get a chance to win Flipkart gift vouchers worth Rs.1,000 every hour. Pretty good, isn’t it? And, that’s not all. One lucky customer will also stand a chance to win gold vouchers worth Rs.25,000 every day! You can check out the offer here .

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I am thinking I can get a ZenFone 2 Deluxe to my brother – because he is an avid smart phone user, and is always testing out news apps, games, camera tricks and loves to take pictures. This is super fast phone, with great features like the 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAM and 2.3 GHz Intel Atom Quad-Core Processor. I know he is going to love it!

Also, I am hoping – because a girl can hope, right? – that I will get a Asus ZenFone Selfie as a Diwali gift, yoohoo! I wrote earlier about my lust of the ZenFone Selfie and I am sure a gift wrapped packet containing it will make me HAPPY. 

Plus there’s a chance that by buying a gift in this offer, I might win in turn because like I mentioned the offer above, there are plenty of vouchers to be won! Talk about gifting made fun for all, right?

So now, it’s time for all of us to grab a chance at #HarPalHappiness with Asus phones and make this Diwali a super fun day. What are you going to gift your family this Diwali? 

Have a great festive season, you all!

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