The Grand & Mysterious World of Army Wives: Rumours, Facts & Everything in Between

You know how it is my ultimate dream to speak at a big and fancy Literature Festival, right? I mean, it is one of my top ten items on my Bucket List. My hilarious book Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life is a a pretty decent hit (zero modesty is the mood of the hours ladies and gents, so just go with it okay? Okay.) and love to speak about the Army Wife Life and tell funny stories, hence making me and Lit Fests totally right for each other. 

I keep imagining what it would be like to be a speaker at a jam packed session at a Literature Festival. Exited Author or Elegantly Poised Army Wife -How will I play it? What all will I say besides laughing at my own jokes? How will my Book-Reading session go? OMG I have nothing to wear for this imaginary session!

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Recently, Amazon India and Kindle India organized the first Virtual Lit Festival of India, and My publishers – the good folks at Westland Books – asked me if I’d like to be a part of it. Hells yeah I replied. In ALL CAPS. This is destiny, clearly. I mean, I am a digital advertising girl and a Social Media Strategy person – so my first tryst with the fancy Lit Festivals HAS to be a digital one, right? 

Virtual Lit festival
That’s me at India’s first Virtual Lit festival

And quickly, it was all in place. I was travelling to Hong Kong a week before the date of my session and I decided to do it from there. My topic was “The Grand & Mysterious World of Army Wives: Rumours, Facts & Everything in Between” because I am a self appointed expert on all things Army Wife, and mostly because I think I tell it like it is -with zero sugar coating. What? Most people like it. It’s part my honesty, and part my charm although my friends tell me its mostly because I am loud and talk too much so most people just pretend to like it just to be done with it. What do they know, right? ha-ha. 

So here is the video of my session with LitsFestX – India’s first Virtual Lit Festival by Amazon India and Kindle India – and BTW, barring Chetan Bhagat and a couple of other seriously famous celebrity authors, my video has the maximum videos. What does that tell you, huh? That my friends might be right? Heehee. 

Watch me kicking ass (even if I say so, hee hee) at India’s first ever Virtual Lit Festival!


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