Social Media Marketing, And Me.

WTF?!? I don’t ever blog about Social Media Marketing which is my damn (also, much loved) job! 

A little background to the panic attack: 
I work in the Digital Advertising industry, and specifically – Social Media Marketing. Social Media Strategy, Planning Execution and Digital Campaign Management plus Blogger Outreach for my work – this is my job. I am always managing client’s Facebook Pages, Twitter activities and blog / content. I am always making new and fresh and hopefully “Viral” (no eye rolls, please) Social Media plans. I am proficient in the internet speak and at any point in the week, I will know the entire history of all the trending hashtags. What? It is my job!

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Social Media Marketing

I am also a Travel Blogger, of course, and everyone knows that Blogging and Social Media Marketing go hand in hand. I am always giving Blogging Tips to people – friends, family and even random people I meet at airports (true story). I am a travel & lifestyle blogger, which, according to me, means that it is perfectly cool for me to blog about every category under the sun. What? So, this might be the wrong definition according to the Top Lifestyle Bloggers in India, but to me a Lifestyle Blog is All About Everything.

From Travel Blogging to Product Reviews  which include Gadgets like the review of the new Asus Eeebook because I use it, or First Drive Review of The Renault Kwid because I drive and I love new cars, Travel Tales of Hong Kong because I literally live to travel – and then a lot of other things as well. Sue me, but everything that consists of my lifestyle, goes in my awesome Travel and Lifestyle Blog. Seems totally fair to me.

Back to the panic attack: 
I was giving the how-to-start-a-blog gyan to a friend last night, when something hit me hard and unexpectedly. What a massive fool I’ve been! I realized that I have never written about Social Media Marketing or Digital Advertising on my blog, EVER. I have been blogging for almost ten years now, and somehow, I managed to miss writing about my profession. 

Because I am fairly active on Social Media – because Social Media Marketing is my job, obviously – I assume that everyone knows about my profession. That is not true because: a) people don’t give a shit about other people’s profession I mean how boring can you getttt? and b) I think I tweet/share posts about Digital and/or Social Media Marketing a lot, but in reality I don’t – not through my personal accounts anyway. I do it for my clients, for my job and for other people.

And because I am always making some Social Media Marketing Plans and Digital Media Campaign for my work, I suffer from a mild Social Media Fatigue. To add to it and make it worse, I am an author and hence “a brand” as some well wishers like to remind me often, and I have to pimp market / promote myself and my book as well. Hence, believe it or not, when I go online, I almost never want to talk about my profession. 

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I assume hope that happens to Tom Cruise as well. I mean, he almost never wants to talk about Scientology. Right? RIGHT?

Moving on.

Believing in the Better Late Than Never cliché, I have now decided to share my Social Media Marketing and Digital Advertising expertise (or lack of it, you’ll find out soon)  on this blog right now. Why thank you for the applause, not-my-favorite-cast-where’s-Jon-Freakin’-Hamm of Mad Men.

Yay, me! I’ll soon do a kick ass social media marketing tips for bloggers. 

Um, what? Don’t overestimate me darlings, I am not going to do a real Social Media Marketing tips for bloggers in India post right now. I mean, this is an introductory post, I will get to the actual work later in the week (or month, we’ll see) but you can safely assume that it is going to be legendary. Until then, stalk me on Twitter and tell everyone you now how awesome I am. No? Well then, just go buy my damn book and help the economy. Laters!

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