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You know why my parents did not install the land line phone until I was in 9th standard? Because they thought it would hamper our studies – mine and the siblings’. It was a torture not to be getting blank calls like all my friends at the time, and as I re-call this today, my mom is laughing on the video call through her beloved Micromax Canvas Smartphone, wiping her hysterical-laughter-induced tears. 
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The Land Line Phone that I did NOT have access to as a kid. Sigh.
I remember the times when I had to do school projects and you have no idea how much I’d have loved to have Google, or even Wikipedia, at the time. It would have saved me so much time that I might have even studied better. or read more novels, who knows? The point is, kids in my time were going mad to get information and it wasn’t as easily available as it is today. 

Times sure have changed. Smartphone Technology is a big example.

Technology is no longer the evil that needs to be kept as far away from kids as possible. Infact, try telling someone today that technology is evil and you’ll get an LOL, in CAPS ON. #YouKnowIAmRight, right? Well. Good thing, because in my personal, and if you ask me, super-highly-valuable, opinion, Technology is a saviour for everyone. Especially parents. And ESPECIALLY, especially Smartphone Technology.
Of course, like all good things, you have to keep it under check so as to not let it become an addiction. 
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Smartphone Technology can be a boon when used right.
Internet is brimming to its proverbial neck with article about how smart phones are bad for kids, a curse for the next generation. Google Smartphone Funny (only because I wanted to write a fun post, nothing drastic, relax. Jeez.), and you’ll be bombarded by cartoons, illustrations and even elaborate oil paintings depicting the depleting value of life for kids these days, all thanks to Smartphone Technology. 
I beg to differ.
Everything can be bad if you let it take over the things that matter. 
Almost everything we have today, from a job, a career dream, a cheese cake that we love or the fitness routine we are proud about, can get dangerous if it becomes an obsession. So clearly, the remedy lies in exercising control, and in this case, teaching the kids the value of things that matter the most in life. If we, as parents are able to impart this bit of tiny wisdom to our kids, I think our job here is done. We the #Technocrats, are proud of bringing up our kids the right way, because being smart should not be a curse, should it now? 
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Exercise control if you think you’re getting addicted, for god’s sake!
I can give you a million and half reasons as to why Smartphone Technology is helping not only the the nation and the youth, but also the tiny kids of the nation evolve, and even more examples of  how 4G is playing an important part in the overall development of kids. But, let’s get real, I couldn’t possibly type down all those reasons – I have a life to get back to and my super bright and very smart phone is notifying me that I have to drink water now (Yes, there is an app for that! How cool is this!), so I’ll keep it short.

Here are top 5 reasons why Smartphone Technology is Good
For Parents & Kids:

Please note that as parents, you have to exercise some control and not let Smartphones rule the kids’ life. but when done in moderation, these things are pretty damn helpful Enjoy!

1. Homework, Thank you Wikipedia! Smartphone Technology has given us multi-functionality, portability, and connectivity that are opening doors for learning, both for the kids and for the parents. 
When the kids has a tricky question or massive homework and you are, um, not equipped to handle it on your own (don’t worry, we all have bad days) – you can just say to your phone “Okay Google”, ask the question and head straight to Wikipedia. Viola! Ha ha. Okay, seriously, smart phones are helpful because you can find out answers to all sorts of kid-questions on the go, and also brush up your own knowledge about stuff that you might have forgotten with time – algebra
equations, for example.

2. Family That Video-Call-s Together, Stays Together. We are a big family and we are very close. Emotionally, I mean, Physically, we are in 6 different countries. I’m counting the cousins as well. And practically every day someone or the other wants to speak to the daughter, so the daughter wants to ask some random thing to a certain aunt or great aunt. Video Calling on the smartphone comes in super handy at such times. Unlike the long STD calls in my time, my kid can see faces of her extended family and even knows how their houses
look. Infact, um, she even knows where my sister keeps her cookie jar. My sister lives in Hong Kong. My daughter has never been to Hong Kong, but she know it because of the video calls she frequently has with my sister. So a smartphone technology that can get the kid to relish the big Indian family,
to get to know them on a regular basis is awesome, right? Damn right.
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It’s not bad when you know the right way to use it, simple!

3. A Life on The Go Is A Life Well Lived. Yes, I am talking about 4G! What a blessing it is! If you are a parent who uses a Smartphone like me – mine is an Android phone with a very efficient Octa Core processor – you know how easy it makes your life. Check and respond to work emails on the phone, design campaigns and make presentations on the smartphone easily and send them across with zero lag time to clients / colleagues / boss – all thanks to Speedy 4G Connectivity.
4. Thou Shalt Have More Time! This one is for the parents alone – if you use your smartphone to pay your bills, buy stuff your family needs and complete other tasks that otherwise require your time and your physical presence –  you save loads of time and this way you get more time to spend with the little ones. Just last week, I paid my daughter’s school fee through my phone, and instead of waiting outside the principal’s office to physically hand over the cheque, I took my daughter out to the Army’s vet clinic for some fun time. They have horses, she loves horses, it’s a long story and all you need to know is, we spent amazing fun time trying to feed the horses some grass. 

5. Never Judge An App By Its Icon. Or by what people say about apps, really, because I have found apps to be of the utmost importance in the process of parenting. When pregnant, I had a Pregnancy health App on my Android phone which was surprizingly very helpful. There are educational apps for kids that are immensely helpful. For us, when the daughter was an infant, I had a lullaby app for super late nights when I would be exhausted and she wouldn’t sleep even after me signing 27 songs. When she was a toddler, she loved the cheerful Mickey
Mouse episodes that an app streamed directly to my phone, and which made her learn her first song. Yeah, it was Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggitty Dog, super cute! She also mastered colors and shapes by the combined efforts of me and an App that clapped for her in surround sound (felt like it!) when she tapped the right color or shape. Now when she is a 3 years old, she is already doing difficulty level 7 puzzles under 3 minutes, sings almost 15 full Disney songs with correct lyrics and tune, and says “Okay Google Where Are My Chappals?” every once in a while when she can’t find her flip flops. All this when I have kept her Smartphone time to two hours daily. 

#Technocrats Micromax Smartphone, smartphone technology
Apps can be educational too.


She loves to run in the park, swing really high, plays like crazy in the rain and dances adorably to made up songs that I sing – but the daily 2 hours of smart phone use is not hampering her growth. In fact, being a tiny
#Techoncrat is helping her development. She gives me back the phone or the tab when she is done playing 2 levels of her puzzle game because that’s what we as parents have taught her. 
We, as parents, understand the risks that technology presents to young kids but we also understand the rewards and opportunities. We also believe it’s impossible to properly prepare kids for an increasingly digital world if we try to ignore the impact of technology, or pretend that smartphones and other devices are for other kids but not our own. So the solution: Monitoring, control and values.
I strongly believe that Smartphone Technology is helping the next generation evolve. Don’t let kids get addicted to it, but don’t shun the mighty Smartphone technology either. Find a balance. What do you think? 

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