A Trip To Diu For Festa De Diu – Asia’s Longest Beach Festival

I am just recovering from my amazing trip to Hong Kong, and plans for Thailand in March are already at whispering stages [UPDATE: I did go to Thailand, Twice! Here’s is a post about Solo Trip To Phuket]– but I’m still lurking on-line to find out the perfect family holiday destination for December. My idea of a perfect Winter Holiday Destination is a warm and sunny place, preferably with a beach. We are a family of sun lovers. Like three sunflowers, we follow every moment of the sun – Yes, I did that! hehe.

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The Beaches in Diu are magical.

Give me a beach (and a magically fit and toned beach body, if possible) on any winter day and I’m all set. My 3 year old daughter loves to play on a beach and my husband is completely in love with lying on a beach chair, soaking up the sun and snoozing. Which is I why I have been looking for a beach-y and sunny Winter Holiday Destination because it’s a win – win for all of us!

And just last night, I found this video on Twitter about Festa De Diu – Festival Of Diu:

The video is VERY tempting, right? So I dug deeper and viola, my traveller friends Akanksha and Manjulika had already seen and written about it. So Festa De Diu really is attracting a lot of attention from travellers of all kind – the Solo Travellers, The Go-In-Groups Travellers and the Family Travellers like me. Exciting!

I’d like to mention here that me and the husband have made beautiful Ilha de Calma Trip plans in the past years – to Escape To The Island Where Time Stands Still. Neither of which materialized for some reason, leaving us longing to explore the azure waters and the rich culture the place has to offer. 

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I have a feeling that now might be the time, because Festa De Diu is Asia’s Longest Beach Festival which has been designed to provide a one-of-it’s-kind experience to the travellers from all around the world, with an exciting blend of Music, Culture & Art, with a dash of Adventure and overall a promise of a great time.

Festa De Diu Dates: 1 Dec 2015 to 15 Feb 2016

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Diu For The Festa De Diu with Friends & Family:

1. A Celebration of Music, Art & Culture.
Festa De Diu is going to be an amazing event because of the sheer variety of performances lined up. From more than 20 musicians, more than 10 comedians, more than 15 Bands, more than 30 workshops, and more – you and your family are definitely going to have a super fun time. Picture yourself swaying to some beautiful live music as your family sings along, or all of you laughing your hearts out at one of the stand-up comedy shows. Bliss, isn’t it?

2. Beaches.
The Diu Fort is amazing, Naida Caves need no introduction, the Church of St.Francis Assisi attract folks every year to Diu – but for me the beaches win hands down. Seriously, the beaches in Diu are mesmerizing. In fact, the beaches are the main reason I have been planning a trip to Diu for so long! If you love the beach, or if you have kids who love the beach and the sand – this is going to be a great vacation for your family. My daughter loves the beach and I am sure that bringing her indoors, away from the Diu beaches, is going to be a mighty tough task. There are going to be tantrums and tears, and she is going to want to “live” in the same castle she makes all day. Not kidding, I know my kid. And me? Well, I’m obviously looking forward to it because these are the moments that make life worth living, right?

3. Adventure.
Everyone knows how fond I am of adventures – from treks (although haven’t done a big one since I had my daughter!) to River Rafting, and by everyone, I mean my family and my 14 friends. And you, my readers! Cheers to that! *clinks imaginary glass and bottoms-up on lemon juice* Anyway, another reason I am THRILLED to go for the Festa De Diu in December, is the Adventure quotient that’s highly alluring. There is Zip Lining and Bungee Jumping and – wait for it – Hot Balloon Ride over the Arabian Sea! Yes, you read that right. Now let that sink in for a moment. I can almost picture it! Last hot balloon ride I took was during my trip to Singapore we just floated above the city, which was magical – and this one is going to be over the deep blue sea and I am more than eager to experience it. 

In conclusion, Ilha de Calma is an island that is steeped in magic and tranquility. Like they always say: You will check in, but never want to check out.

I hope this post makes you want to check out the Festa De Diu and if you plan a family trip (or solo / with friends) – let me know and maybe we can do the balloon ride together.

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Speaking of Planning a Trip to Festa De Diu, Here Are a Few Travel Tips:

1. Book early. I have a feeling this is going to be a hit, so save your spot as soon as possible, not to mention the good deals on flights and stay. 

2. Check out the Festa De Diu Events Calender and plan your trip according to your favourite event.

3. There are very cool luxury tent options for the Festa De Diu, but you can also check out for budget options or other suitable options according to every need on the official Diu Tourism Website.

4. Diu is easily reachable. The nearest railway junction is Veraval, which is 90 km from Diu. Diu has an airport at Nagoa which is connected by a daily flight of Jet Airways from Mumbai. Rajkot Airport also has multiple flights that connect major cities in India and Diu is only a short drive away. And then there are state run buses as well as some private buses between Diu and Ahmedabad.

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That’s all. I really hope this time our Diu Travel plans do materialize and we get to experience the very exciting Festa De Diu in Decemebr and bring in the new year with the carnivals, festivities and unlimited family fun in Diu.

Are you planning a trip to Diu to attend Festa De Diu as well?
Happy Travelling!

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