A Toast To My Heroes!

The universe is not made of atoms,,
It is made of tiny stories –
Of love, longing, laughter
People who inspire us.


tata motors' and lionel mess association, #MadeOfGreat
Tata Motors’ and Lionel Messi: #MadeOfGreat

So true, because we owe a lot to people who inspire us – to achieve our biggest dream, or to be happy in the day to day life. We meet so many people in our life, and only the ones who touch our soul, leave behind a lasting impression. 

These are people we look up to, or people who inspire us to follow our dreams and to never give up.
These are people who teach us to find happiness, by example.
These are people who strengthen our faith that no matter what, it’s going to be alight in the end.

These are people who are #madeofgreat.

Made Of Great is also an awe inspiring campaign by Tata Motors, a company I stupidly feel very attached to because a.) my first car was a Tata Indigo (which is still my first love, btw), and b.) my first book was published by Tata Westland. Total love, right? It is a great company to be associated with, in whatever capacity, and I know it from personal experience. Here’s a little of what I know about the warm, culturally rich organised and city.

madeofgreat tata motors and messi blog, top blog India, #MadeOfGreat
Namastey India!


I am an Army Wife and we know Jamshedpur as Tata Nagar, which is a coveted posting because the rich culture of the city is heart-warming. because of the presence of Tata companies. Jamshedpur in names so in honour of its founder, Jamsetji Tata, 

At the end of 19th century, Jamsetji Tata met steel-makers in Pittsburgh to get the most advanced technology for his plant. It is said that he got the idea of building a steel plant when he heard Thomas Carlyle declaring that “the nation which gains control of iron soon acquires the control of gold” in a lecture in Manchester. They searched and researched various parts of India and finally found a small village  called Sakchi, which was later renamed to Jamshedpur, and is fondly referred to as Tata Nagar. The rest, as they say, is history. Frankly, it is an immense inspiration in itself to see Tata, a fully home-grown company, to rise so high and soar like the kind of the sky, or should I say, road? 

The #MadeOfGreat campaign is the first time Tata Motors is undertaking an overall brand association campaign with a brand ambassador – One person who will represent the vision, mission and principles of the brand Tata. The motivation is simple – Seeking Excellence, along with Self Belief. And Lionel Messi represents both so well that I for one, couldn’t think of anyone better than him to team up with Tata. 

Made of great, inspiring quote, quote on inspirations, #MadeofGreat
 #MadeOfGreat Inspiration!

And #MadeOfGreat defines this association so very perfectly. It’s inspiring, and makes me think of someone who is undeniably Made Of Great.

Now, when you ask people who they think is made of great in their life, someone they look upto and get inspired, almost everyone will tell you it’s their hard working fathers, motivating mothers, teachers or first bosses, and some might even say Mother Teresa or Priyanka Chopra, and everyone would be right. Really! All of these are inspiring and positive influence on our lives, no one can deny that.

Of course my parents inspire me, and few of my teachers have been great role models, but today when I talk about someone who is Made Of Great, I am going to tell you about not one, but a group of people who is motivated enough to inspire others, and is driven from within no matter how tough a situation arises: The Indian Army Wives.


It is said that:

There is strong, There is Army Strong and then there is Army Wife Strong.

Silent Ranks, Made of great blog post, #MadeOfGreat, Tata Motors and Messi, Best blogger in India, Top blogger in India
The Silent Ranks.

This is a group of different women, all immensely strong and driven in their own way, leading lives as Silent Ranks, who give up their “normal” life, their careers and a lot more for the man they love, never complaining and always wearing a smile. Life of an Army Wife is mighty tough, if you ask me. I mean, your husband is a soldier and sure, there is the he-is-so-handsome-in-combats thing, and the rich life that Army brings – but the fear of What If is constant.

Army Wives are #MadeOfGreat

Courage, strength and integrity are the to qualities of a soldier, and they also define a soldier’s better half, the girl he leaves behind every time he goes off on duty.

Army Wife Blog, Indian Army Wife Blog, #MadeOfGreat,  Made of great, tata and messi made of great
True, that!

With the husbands posted to a new place every two years, army wives are on a constant move. It might not be wrong to say that they live out of suitcases fauji trunks (the metal trunks, painted black). It is not easy –  from making friends in every new town, finding new places to get haircuts from, to never having a place to call home, the Army Wife Life is every level of tough. 

And yet, these incredible women are a force to reckon with! They are elegant, fierce and strong. While the soldiers fight at the borders, the Army Wives hold the fort back home. And army wife is a maverick who single handedly run the home-show. I am an Army Wife, and I know how hard it is to attend PTMs alone, month after months, or to just speak to the husband on the phone for long months and not knowing where he is because he is not at a liberty to share his location. 

When their soldiers are away from home, busy protecting the country, the Army Wives do not sit and sulk. They do not immerse themselves in sad songs and they do not let misery or loneliness take over. Because it so easily could take over, you know? Because no matter how long you’ve been an Army Wife, knowing that your husband is in a terrorism affected area is never easy. It is scary as hell. It is the kind of fear that keep you up at night. And most nights, you don’t get t speak to him because the post he is at, has little or no phone network. So yeah, it is scary. but they say that Army Wives are some of the strongest women ever, and I’d like to believe that.

Made of great blog post Tata Motors and mess collaboration, #MadeOfGreat
Yes, we are!

I am an Army Wife but it will take me time to get to the place where I am okay with the thought of my husband combating terror on the borders, or worse. I know, this is his job – he is passionate about his country and takes pride in the fact that he is a soldier. But me? Well, honestly, I get scared every time I hear about a terror attack, or a counter insurgency operation in the troubled areas of our country. The fear of what if is always haunting. I will not lie – the fear overwhelms me sometimes.

And every time I get scared, I look up to this amazing group of ladies – the Indian Army Wives. They are everywhere, at every station and every posting – and they are the the reason I stay sane, really. I know it’s silly, but I constantly seek the company of the bunch of Army Wives I’ve come to love so much.

The warm Army Wife who sends me freshly baked chocolate cake to cheer me up, when both our husbands are away for the same thing together. 

#Madeofgreat Tata Messi, Messi India,  #MadeOfGreat, Messi Players, Tata and messi, army wife blog
Damn right!

The strong Army Wife who tells me that she’d be proud if her one month old son decided to join the Army, right after her husband is killed in a terror operation.

made of great tata and messi blog post
Every Army Wife Prays for this day!

The veteran Army Wife who tells me stories of the Kargil war and in the end, tells me with sparkling eyes, how incredibly proud she is to be an Army Wife.

All these are real women and tell us about the sheer grit of the Army Wives. This is the group of women who taught me that I am not a regular wife, I am the backbone of the entire system because She Who Waits, Also Serves.

So yeah, whenever I am feeling blue, or scared or even pissed at being away from the husband for long durations – I know that one conversation with this inspiring group, and I’ll be back to being me. And that’s incredible, isn’t it? I  know that we Army Wives are in this together, and no matter what comes, we face it with a smile on our faces, a hope in our heart. And it is because I am surrounded by these amazing women, I can say that:

I am a Woman, and an Army Wife. What’s Your Super Power?

army wife quote, inspiring quotes
They, too, are #madeofgreat

I find a strong connection between the spirit of Army Wives and that of Tata Motors’: both thrive on excellence and integrity, and the #MadeOfGreat campaign builds upon Tata Motors’ DNA of trust, authenticity, reliability, simplicity, as well as its commitment to innovation, and just like Messi fits the brief like a glove, I think India Army Wives, as a group, are also #madeofgreat, don’t you agree? Well, next time I’m in Tata Nagar, I will definitely write more about the associate on both!

So, here’s to all the fabulous Indian Army Wives, each one of you is #MadeOfGreat.
Let’s get together, celebrate ourselves, get together for some good time and maybe watch Messi score some goals, okay? 
Salute, and a million hugs!

PS: What do you think of Tata Motors’ association with Lionel Messi? Tell me in comments below and if I like your answer, you’ll get an Amazon Voucher worth Rs.750. Seriously. Hurry!

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