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A New Baby
Is Like The Beginning
Of All Things
A Dream 
Of Possibilities.
– Eda J. Le Shan

Parenting is probably the biggest job in the world, and undoubtedly the most well paying job ever. You lose some sleep, sure – but you get tiny hands cuddling you and tiny fingers holding on to your hand, making it almost impossible to sleep because of the sheer overwhelming love you feel for your tiny baby. 

Babies fill the hearts of their parents with love they didn’t know they were capable of.
Babies give a warmth to their parents souls, that can take away every stress or pain.
Babies bring out a fierce protective streak even in the most otherwise-carefree folks. 

Three years back, we had Gauri – our daughter with twinkling eyes and warm skin – and she gave us all the above, and more. The husband and I, we are both pretty chilled out people. And naturally, we thought we were going to be the cool parents, not the fussy annoying one. To our surprise, we turned out to be quite the over-protective parents, and we fuss a lot. We now think maybe it is a parenting trait. We want to keep her safe from everything dangerous, painful or sad. We want her to be the warm, loving, remarkable kid tat she is now – for the rest of her life.

And here I will talk about one of the first things I have wanted to protect, and keep same, ever since the first time I held her in my arms : Her Baby Soft Skin.

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Babies, they make our life better!

I mean, seriously, how many times have you heard adults wish they had baby-soft skin? Almost all of us would love to have soft and supple skin that’s untouched by chemicals, pollution and anything artificial. It’s too late for us, obviously, but why not keep our babies soft skin the way it is right from the very start? 

I know, I know, super amazing ideas and mothers of infants all around the world should be immediately following it, and a few years later instead of adults cribbing and complaining, we’ll have adults thanking their moms for their amazing skin. Wow, what vision!

Okay, I’ll dial it down – but I do believe that taking good care of our baby’s skin is very important. When you’re with a baby, all you want to do is make it safe, by filling its world with soft, comfortable and cuddly things. A baby’s skin is the first barrier against the world, and keeping it warm and safe is the responsibility of the caregivers. And this is what I am going to write about in this post today – tips to keep your New Born Baby’s skin safe. Here we go!

5 Tips To Keep Your Baby’s Skin Safe:

1. Skin To Skin Caring. All good hospitals these days are encouraging new mothers to embrace the skin to skin caring technique, which by the way, is an ancient and very effective traditional method to give a new born baby the best care she/he requires. According to a study involving 2,177 moms & babies, a few of the benefits of having baby skin to skin are: 

  • Improved interaction between mom & baby 
  • Less anxiety for new moms 
  • More breast milk production, easier breastfeeding & longer breastfeeding  
  • Less crying (12 times less likely to cry in the study) 
  • Stabilizes heart rate & body temperature for your baby 
  • Higher & more stable blood sugar levels for your baby 

And also,

  • Helps keeping the baby’s skin warm and hence, safe.
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Skin To Skin Care
2. Don’t Over Do The Bath Routine. We always hear of a babies skin to be soft, smooth and sweet smelling. However, in reality it could be flaky and dry, and have discolouration – specially in new borns. And one thing to to be completely avoided is going crazy with the baths. We adults bathe on a daily basis, but a new born baby really shouldn’t get a daily bath. “Two or three times a week is plenty,” says Karl Neumann, MD, a pediatrician at Forest Hills Pediatric Associates and contributor to Kids Travel Doc. “Of course, clean the diaper area as often as necessary. Frequent bathing may dry out the skin and remove oils and other substances that protect against infections and other irritants.” Remember, long and frequent bathing of your new born can take away the necessary oil from the baby’s skin, making it dry and itchy. So, keep her/him clean, but don’t go overboard.
3. Use Gentle Products. Don’t follow the trends, the TV Commercials or the hype blindly, and do your research. Most babies today, are exposed to a scary number of chemicals on a daily basis. Most baby products and shampoos contain chemicals and many are not actually safe for baby. For example, many popular baby shampoos have some of the worst chemical ratings and baby oil is just liquid petroleum oil with some added (artificial) fragrances. So, it is advisable to read the ingredients and research them before you buy products for your baby. A few very common examples are in the image below, one that I keep handy when buying baby products off the shelf. I hope it helps you too.
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Things to Avoid in Baby Products
4. Go The Natural Way! Parents should keep in mind that a baby’s perfectly soft skin absorbs almost anything put on it, so natural options are really important! There are a few companies who make natural baby care options, but the cheapest, easiest and most natural way is just to make your own. Actually, you can just use pure coconut oil for everything from cleaning to moisturizing to treating diaper rash, and other natural and easily available products like Olive oil can be used to keep a baby’s skin soft and safe as well. For example, coconut oil is specially helpful in diaper rash since it is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. You can easily find similar Natural Baby care Recipes and Methods on the internet, and we all know that natural is the best, right? 
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All Natural Baby Care
5. Speaking of Diapers, be very careful in selecting the right one for your little one. Use Quality Diapers that are skin friendly and are dermatologically tested for your baby’s sensitive skin. Do not let the cheap diapers, or “great” diaper deals online sway you from the task of sticking to the best quality of diapers. This is very important because not only does a diaper come in direct contact with your baby’s delicate skin, and as your baby stands, falls and topples, pressure on the diaper can get skin in contact with the wetness of urine which is not healthy in any way. In my experience, Pampers Active Baby with 5 Star Skin Protection provides a comfortable fit with an Extra Dry Layer to prevent urine from coming back to the top sheet for long hours. Also, your baby’s skin breathes better, enjoys cottony softness, and is kept moisturised against friction. So, go for the a good quality diaper and give your baby the freedom to play uninterrupted for longer. Plus, the new Pampers Premium Pants Care Pants have Wetness Indicator so that the parents know when to change the diaper, has Baby Lotion for supple skin that is well taken care of, and are really VERY soft. What’s not to love?
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True, that.
Those are my five tips for new born babies, as learned from three years of parenting. And parenting is a process, and you keep learning new things everyday. And I really believe that to protect the soft skin our babies are born with, we really need to start early. I will soon write again about my Parenting Notes (in the top menu) and keep you either entertained with Gauri’s Quote-Unquote Antics, or with some Parenting Tips or Lessons that I’m learning on the job. Until then, happy parenting!
PS: Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

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