Travel Tips: Best Time to Visit Santorini

Every travel guide and every travel expert will tell you
that the best time to visit Santorini is June to September. And they are right,
because that is the “in” season and tourists are everywhere.

Santorini in December, travel blog, travel tips, travel writer
Best Time To Travel To Santorini.

But – if you are looking for some real Travel, not just the
touristy things and in-season jazz – then you know that the so called off
seasons have the best to offer to a true traveler’s soul, to quench your
wanderlust! If you are someone who enjoys having the town almost to yourself without
the crowd of tourists, then the festival season is a great time to head to

I love the off season in Santorini because of its clean,
clear emerald blue skies in winters, which will keep you enchanted.

Travel Tips blog, Visit Santorini, Santorini from India holiday ideas
Walk around these beautiful streets!

In the off-season, almost all good hotels are much cheaper.
The cost of transportation and food is pretty much the same all year, but we
found the restaurants to be much more relaxed and fun in the so-called winter.

We got into some of the best restaurants (not all are open in
winters) without having to wait at all. Which is a big thing because in the
in-season months, the wait time for the popular restaurants in Firo is easily
around one hour.

Also, remember that you will need a minimum of three to four
days to get a feel for the island, see the top attractions, experience the
sunset from a couple of different locations, and try some of the island’s great

Parea Tavern in Santorini is a good place to eat Greek Cuisine
Parea Tavern offers dishes based on the Greek Cuisine, served in a Traditional environment.

If you have more days, you will have more fun. You can go on
gorgeous long walks, explore the island, wander through the lanes, discover
hidden eating joints with amazing views, go swimming and sunbathing because you
can do both, and just let Santorini take over.

And if you are very lucky and have more than a week of
vacations in Greece, then I’ll suggest you give 7 to 8 days to Santorini and
then head to Naxos, Paros, Ios, Mykonos, Crete, or Rhodes.

Few Travel Tips For
Santorini in October to December:

1. This season in Santorini is often a mix of cool, cloudy, and
sometimes rainy – though chances of sunny days are also strong. Average Max
Temperature is 15°C, so carry your jackets and cozy socks!

Sunny morning in Santorini, Travel Blog Post about Santorini
This was a sunny morning in December.

2. Best is to be prepared for any kind of weather, really. When
I was there in December, I enjoyed beautiful weather on most days. But take
warm clothes too because I am told that it can be sunny in the day and might
rain heavily in the night. What fun, right?

3. I found Fira to be the hub of most activity during the
winter, as most other towns are completely shut down. Don’t worry, it is a good
thing! You get to have the streets all to yourself, and oh, the beaches!

Santorini trip from india, Tips to plan your trip from India to Santorini
The view of the sea from every corner of Santorini is breath taking.

4. Oia will also have few good restaurants and hotels open, so
keep that in your list as well.

5. Car Rental is definitely something you should consider. We
rented a car for a couple of days and we drove all over the island, exploring
and just relishing the Santorini charm. Car rental is good if you are visiting for
a few days, as you check out almost every place you want in three to four days.

6. Although, if you are in Santorini for more than a few days,
then I suggest you mix the car rentals with the bus service. The buses all
leave from Fira and are pretty regular.

Travel blog, travel tips, travel ideas for Santorini, traveller who blogs
Nights in Santorini are magical.

7. That said, please keep in mind that Santorini is definitely
a place to walk around. And oh what fun it is to be walking around in Santorini.  Carry comfortable shoes that you can walk in.

8. Although most shopping and clubbing happens in the in-season
and most good and popular restaurants will be open. We had no problem at all in
finding great place to eat, and Naoussa need a special mention here! DO try it,
they have some yummy dishes and a great staff.

9. Eat to your heart’s desire when you’re in Santorini. But be
careful when you order because all the walking will make you want to order a
lot of food, and the potions in all the restaurants (that we visited) in
Santorini are HUGE. Maybe it is also an advantage of the off-season, but we
kept getting offered more wine, a complimentary dessert or an extra appetizer
and we ended up eating too much to be able to walk back to the hotel. But hey, who’s
complaining, right?

Donkeys and mules in Santorini are used for rides, santorini travel tips, when to go to santorini, best tiem to visit greece
Donkeys and Mules are a very common sight in Santorini.

We booked out trip through Make My Trip with a stunning
hotel in Fira, and it was wonderful. I fell in love with Santorini on a cool
and breezy December morning, and I hope I go there again soon. And if you
decide to head to Santorini in December, I’ll suggest that the best time to
book your tickets is end October – so #StayReady fellas’!

Make My Trip is coming up with a can’t-say-no offer in Oct
end, so download the MakeMyTrip app be prepared for unbelievably great deals.
And hey, let me know how your trip to Santorini goes, okay?

Happy Travelling!

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MakeMyTrip mobile app.

PS: All pictures are mine, please do not use them anywhere.

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