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Travel to Andaman Islands, India: World Tourism Day

Today is World Tourism Day, i.e. 27th Sept, and I am seeing wonderful and wanderlust-inducing pictures of exotic beaches and mesmerizing destinations everywhere. They are all over Facebook, Twitter and of course the blogsphere, and it made me finally write this long due post on Andaman Islands and the unparalleled beauty that the Andaman Beaches offer. My Travel to Andaman Islands was incredible and this is where I tell you more about it!
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But first, a little about World Tourism Day which is celebrating its 35th year in 2015,
This day was conceived by the United Nations to celebrate one of the world’s most important industries – Travel and Tourism. In 2013, the tourism industry generated more than $7.58 trillion, which gives jobs to millions, gives monetary strength to governments worldwide in form of taxes, and also enables economies to flourish. More than a billion people were tourists in 2013, a figure that is only rising in the current years. isn’t it wonderful?
But travel is so much more that just economics. It is about the thrill of being in transit, about the joy of exploring, and no one can deny the immense social, cultural, political and economic effects of travel worldwide. So yes, I think the World Tourism day has a huge significance in today’s times. So here is how I’ve decided to celebrate it on my blog.

Here are the top ten pictures from my Travel to Andaman Islands

Andaman is till date, one of my most favourite holiday destinations – a place to get away from it all! I call it an Offbeat Travel Destination – because it feels like one to me! In contrast to beaches in Goa where the crowd kind of gets to you, the beaches in Andaman are all about solitude and space. Here you might be one of the five people on the huge beach, and it is bound to feel Offbeat, right? I absolutely love this about Andaman beaches. 
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Just sitting at the beach near our Army Guest House, called Narial Beach, and listening to the sound of the ocean. best part of my Travel to Andaman Islands

Trip to Andaman, Travel blog on Andaman Islands, India
No one of the entire beach but the two of us! Bliss, isn’t it? Visualize a world where you are surrounded by sun kissed sandy beaches, azure crystalline lagoons, mysterious tropical rainforests, dazzling corals and spectacular starlit skies. In the captivating Andaman Islands, this visual transforms into a reality.

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The beautiful Dolphin Beach at Havelock. Another thing to note here is that while the archipelago is mode of around 300 islands, only a dozen or so are open to tourists, and the most popular destinations among these is Havelock. 

Trip to Andaman
Another thing I love about Andaman Beaches is that everywhere you look, you will see sights worth capturing in your lens. It is a photographer’s delight! Travel to Andaman Islands for stunning scenery.

Best Beaches in India
That’s me walking on the Elephant Beach in Andaman Islands. The beaches in Andaman with its enchanting opaque emerald waters, are surrounded by primeval jungle and mighty mangrove forest, and pristine untouched beaches that melt under flame-and-purple sunsets.   

Andaman Beaches are lush green and mesmerising
The trees that line the beaches, tell tales to those who listen. This is a picture of the Elephant Beach. Elephant Beach is approximately 20 minutes by boat from the Havelock Island dock. This beach boasts of amazing white sand beach along with an amazing coral reef which starts at a depth less than a metre, can you believe it? This happens only at the Andaman Islands and would not be found at many destinations across the globe.

Best Beaches in Andaman
Scuba Diving in Andaman Islands, need no introduction. Here, we tried THE WALL : 10 – 30 meters, fit for all skill levels. A small wall 50 meters long that drops in to the shipping channel near the jetty on Havelock, this is the best local site and is visited by a very large Napoleon Wrasse called Pierre, who is very friendly to divers. The top of the wall is very colorful with purple, red and yellow soft corals, alone the wall has many beautiful fans with Puffer Fish and Lionfish peering out at you and Nudibranchs trying to race around the wall. We see many octopuses and Scorpion Fish here and even Anglerfish are seen tucked into holes. On the sandy parts Kulhs Rays are spotted with or without their tails.

Cellular jail Blog Post Andaman Trip travel blog
Never miss this when you’ plan your travel to Andaman Islands! A click from inside the Cellular Jail, which is something that give you goosebumps. But then the people here are very warm. The population is a friendly mix of South and South East Asian settlers, as well as Negrito ethnic groups whose arrival here still has anthropologists baffled. Adding to the intrigue is its remote location, some 1370km from the mainland, meaning the islands are geographically more Southeast Asia – 150km from Indonesia and 190km from Myanmar.


Cellular Jail in Andaman Islands India, Travel to Andaman
The daunting view of Cellular jail.


Barefoot Resort in Havelock - A Resort review
And this is where we stayed at in Havelock – The Barefoot Resort.

Out stay at the Barefoot Resort in Havelock was simply great. The resort is all about peace, calm and living with nature, and was easily one of the best parts about my delightful travel to Andaman Islands.

The multi cuisine restaurant is good, and the local sea food preps are a delight. I suggest you check them out when you pan a trip to Andaman. 

In terms of activities and entertainment, Barefoot has it all covered. Nature walks, diving, yoga classes, snorkeling, swimming with elephants, scuba diving, kayaking and dunghi fishing all the activities are available.

It is a bit expensive, and is mostly booked well in advance with people form all over the world so you’ll find more international travellers here. You can go on to the Barefoot website and book at least 3 months in advance.

Also, you can go for Andaman Tour Packages that will take care of everything for you.

That’s all. I’ll share a detailed Andaman Trip story soon, and will take up on beach at a time. Until then, keep travelling! 

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