Renault KWID First Drive Review

Just as India begins to prepare for the upcoming Festival Season – and starts to check out options for the big Diwali purchases – Renault India announced the spectacular pricing of their brand new and very promising Renault KWID and took the entire Auto Industry by a storm. Now, the road ahead for this new […]

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Travel to Andaman Islands, India: World Tourism Day

Today is World Tourism Day, i.e. 27th Sept, and I am seeing wonderful and wanderlust-inducing pictures of exotic beaches and mesmerizing destinations everywhere. They are all over Facebook, Twitter and of course the blogsphere, and it made me finally write this long due post on Andaman Islands and the unparalleled beauty that the Andaman Beaches […]

Crockery That Makes Classy Dining

Being able to cook great food is a talent. Along with being judged by the taste of your food, you are also judged by the way you present it. The way you present your food gives an insight to your tastes in dining. And you would always want to come across as a home-maker of […]

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The Perfect Weekend Getaway From Delhi: Neemrana Fort Resort

The Neemrana Hotel chain needs no introduction, and years before I booked a stay at the Neemrana Fort Palace in Alwar (2.5 hours drive from Gurgaon), I had already heard a million good things about the place and was one of my dream destinations.    The Neemrana Fort Palace near Delhi   It is true […]

The Opinion Of Others, And Similar Bullshit

What do you do with others’ opinion of you? When I was younger, I took it seriously and tried to please people. It was exhausting, it was foolish and it had to stop. As a grown up, I can’t be bothered about what people think of me. It’s like, Taylor Swift sang this for me: But I keep cruisingCan’t stop, […]

The Road Trip Playlist: 15 Songs For A Musical Travel

All my travels and rod trips are incomplete without music, and I am sure yours would be too because *sings merrily* Without a Song or A Dance What Are We, So I Say Thank You For The Music, The Song I’m Singing … Erm.    You get the point.    I like all kind of […]

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