How To Get Published in India: Few Tips

Ever since my book Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life got published, the one question I’ve faced the most is: 

How to get published in India?

How to get Published in India Publishing Tips
A lot of bloggers and friends seek constant advice from me (although I’m not an expert on it, not yet) and from other authors. Aspiring authors want to know the best way to get published and a lot of them want to know if authors make enough money – or do they have to pay to get published. Do you need solid “connections” in the publishing industry, or do you need to be BFFs with a managing Editor to have your manuscript picked up? What about royalties? How do you publish in the international market? And the questions never end.
This post is an attempt to explain some of those questions, and to introduce all you aspiring authors to a recently launched, spectacular Publishing house called InkHorn Publishing.
For my first book, the road till signing a contract was literally a cake walk. I sent the sample chapters to Westland because I was reading The Secret of Nagas at the time, and they liked it. After 2 months of sending the entire
manuscript, I signed a contract and that was it.
How to get Published in India Publishing Tips
It was only after the book was released, that I realized that there was so much to be done post the release also – from promotion to keeping track of sales, and also seeing that all the major book stores (both online and offline) had my book. It was not easy, but I wasn’t doing anything much because my dream of getting my book out to the world to read, was fulfilled! My name was on the cover of a book, I did not want anything else.
But then I began writing my second book and my expectations this time, are different from the first.
How to get Published in India, Publishing Tips for aspiring authors
Lessons from my first book were many, but the biggest one was the limitation of a national publishing. I had friends and strangers from Italy, France and Germany, asking where could they get my book from, and I had no answer. Also, my publishers were very supportive, but as a first time author, my book did not get special attention at the book stores because a.) the book was perceived as an Army specific book, with Flipkart offering it with GenV.K.Singh’s pretty serious book on Army. Phew. And b.) let’s face it, the best selling and 6 book old
authors take all the damn attention. 
I got in touch with the InkHorn team because I was on a lookout for a publishing house that can take my book to the international markets, and address the other issues as well. I met with Umesh, the co-founder and his vision for InkHorn amazed me. I was instantly hooked on to the idea of Free Publishing.
Free Publishing is a new term in Indian markets, and it is very different from self publishing. InkoHorn says that they will publish your book under their brand, and make sure that the marketing and sales support – which is something that free publishing platforms do NOT offer. They Also answer my question of taking the book to the international markets, which is also something no other publishing house in India – to my knowledge – offers. 
How to get Published in India, Publishing Tips for aspiring authors
The best part here is royalty. I know that most first time authors, and most aspiring authors do not worry about it – getting the book published is the first and only priority. I was also the same for my first book. I did not want
to earn money from my book, my only rule was that I will not pay to get published. But now, post book 1, I am thinking royalties. because let’s face it, promotion really does require money, and what better than to fund the
book promotion by royalties, and then some more, hm?
So InkHorn offers a transparent process for the authors, and a royalty that is great because there is no stocking of the copies, hence making it very profitable for the author. How do they make their money then, you ask? Well, they’ve answered it in their FAQ section.
Inkhorn also has tie-ups with Flipkart and Amazon, making your book available and visible all the time. And oh, I did not even mention the Print on Demand option which is exciting. Also, as publishers, they understand that authors need copies of their books and the team told me that they will provide these copies to the author at print rate which is very cool. 
How to get Published in India, Publishing Tips for aspiring authors
Impressed yet? Just wait till you check their FAQ section out because it answers all the questions I mentioned at the beginning of this post, and then some more.
I have a lot more to say about InkHorn, specially since I am going to be working with them for their Digital Media, and also helping them out in promotions and events, but I think I’m going to stop now and put the rest of it in another blog post, okay? Okay.
Till then, do check out their website – they already have a ton of titles, both Indian and International – and let me know if you have a book in you that InkHorn can help you with!
Happy writing!

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