All Aboard By Kiran Manral

Kiran Manral, who happens to be one of my favourite people in the Indian Author Circle, is back with her third book All Aboard and because I am very much intrigued by the plot, I had a little chat with her about the book and about a few other things.

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You have to know here that before my book came out, and when I was trying to find our how to approach publisher because I had no “connection” – I met Kiran. Virtually, of course, through a common friend. She was already published by then, and her first book The Reluctant Detective was breaking all records. She was incredibly helpful and very encouraging, and I love her for her positivity. 

She is a blogger, was a journalist and also works for social causes that I feel strongly about. Kiran Manral was listed among the 10 non-celebrity ‘social media stars‘ on twitter and is also one of the 20 Contemporary Women Authors To be Followed on Twitter by Women’s Web (Yes, yes, I was on this list too and I don’t mind flaunting it right now because – company!). Kiran’s writing style is very fluid – the kind that makes you want to finish the whole book in one go, and I absolutely love her characters. 

Now, getting on with All Aboard – I am still to read the book but it is a Romance, yes! SO I am looking forward to reading it real soon. Here is some dope on the story:

What is All Aboard about?

When Rhea Khanna is dumped just days
before her wedding, by her boyfriend of four years, the only thing she wants to
do is to get out of the city to clear her head.  The opportunity presents
itself immediately when her aunt, a retired school headmistress, invites her to
accompany her on a Mediterranean cruise.

As Rhea struggles to cope with her grief of being dumped at the altar, she
finds herself getting attracted to the seemingly unavailable Kamal Shahani—the
infuriatingly attractive ex-student of her aunt and a hot shot
entrepreneur.  To add to the confusion, Sonia, Kamal’s very attractive
ex-girlfriend boards the ship in a bid to win him back.

Will Rhea heal her broken heart, or will she end up even more shattered than
she was when she got on this cruise? Read, to find out.

Sounds exciting, right? 

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The story is romance, but it is also woman centric and is hence, cannot escape the Chic Lit tag. I personally have no issue with Chic Lit because 1.) I quite enjoy reading well written stories about strong women and their life, and 2.) who the hell cares about tags and labels? 

I asked Kiran a few questions that I get asked a lot myself, and I always wonder what other authors think of it. Also, I think her answers are going to help a lot of aspiring authors because when it’s Kiran Manral, you always get the honest answer, not the fancy frilly good PR replies. In fact this is something I LOVE about her. Here we go:

They say chick-lit is not literature, what do you say to

Kiran: Well, all I say is that labels don’t matter, what matters is
whether the genre is being read, and if yes, then there is a need for it, and
an audience for it. And in this, it satisfies a need. There is room for
everyone. I, for instance, read across the so-called spectrum of genres and
enjoy all forms equally, but having said that you will prise my Bridget Jones
books out of my cold, dead fingers.All Aboard though, is more romance than

I’m sure you are tired of this but – Tell me something about
the book writing process. From the idea to promotion bit. What do you find the

Kiran: I would be honest and say the promotions bit purely because
I am the worst kind of introvert, the kind you see diving under the table cloth
at weddings and other social functions in order to avoid having to make polite
conversation. To get out there and meet people is very, very difficult for me,
I’m happiest in my cave. The book writing process for me is rather
straightforward, I think of a character and her situation in her life, and
build the story around that. I keep it simple, everyday, relatable. I write an
outline of the book, break it into a chapter wise synopsis and then build up
each chapter. When I am writing, I tend to write at least 500 to 1000 words
every single day. I have also written two books completely organically, I had
no clue where the characters were headed or what would happen at the end of the
book, but that was immensely fun too.

Can you tell us your favourite ‘chick lit novel / book?

Kiran: I think I unwittingly answered that in my first answer, the
Bridget Jones series, with no doubt. And if I might, Pride and Prejudice.

What according to you is the best thing about All Aboard?

Kiran: The best thing about All Aboard? The fact that it
acknowledges that there’s always a second chance at happiness.

So clearly, all of us have to read All Aboard! Pre-order links are here:

Follow Kiran at her blog here, and on
twitter at @kiranmanral
Happy Reading!

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