How To Get Published in India: Few Tips

Ever since my book Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life got published, the one question I’ve faced the most is:    How to get published in India?     A lot of bloggers and friends seek constant advice from me (although I’m not an expert on it, not yet) and from other authors. Aspiring authors want to know the best […]

All Aboard By Kiran Manral

Kiran Manral, who happens to be one of my favourite people in the Indian Author Circle, is back with her third book All Aboard and because I am very much intrigued by the plot, I had a little chat with her about the book and about a few other things. You have to know here […]

The Importance of Sanitation: WASH Makes a Difference

WASH initiative by Coca Cola because – No one can deny the fact that the need for Sanitation in India is enormous. We are a developing nation and sanitation continues to be a major issue for the community. A lack of sanitation and hygiene contributes to a range of health and environmental problems. So Sanitation, […]

Witnessing The #ZenFestival

On 6th Aug 2015, I attended the glitzy and the very cool #ZenFestival in the Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium in Delhi, where ASUS India launched 4 amazing products and made me crave for one in particular. This post is a brief (I’ll try to keep it brief but you know me!) account of the evening, […]

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6 Reasons Which Will Make You Pack Your Bags For India Right Now!

India is among those few countries which will leave a lasting impression on your heart once you set your foot on its land. Blessed with diverse culture, numerable cuisines, lush beauty, intricate architecture, lively colors and pleasant sights; it will surely be worthy of your time and money. If you are still in two minds […]

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Things You Should Not Do in The Name of Feminism

I am all for Feminism. believe me, I am ALL FOR IT. If you read my posts regularly, you’ll see that I tend to take feminism too seriously (Read THIS if you haven’t already) and end up getting stressed at the current plight of women in today’s world. No, seriously. I literally get stressed when […]

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