The #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa: Blogger Life

So, I went to Goa for a huge and fancy Blogger Event.

Eight or nine years back, which is when I started blogging, who would have thought that the blogger life could be so cool? No one, that’s right.

Top Blogger in India
I do!

I was called to attend the #LiveLodgycal event in Goa by Harish from Blogadda and I immediately yelled YASSS! Goa in Monsoons, that too with a bunch of other bloggers is like a dream come true. And the icing on the cake was the event – it was the Bloggers Launch of Renault Lodgy – the new MPV that making waves on Indian auto review sites as well as on the road. My review of The Lodgy is what you need to definitely read, because only then you will understand how a car qualifies as the yummilicious icing on the Goa cake. 

If my minute by minute tweeting for the Goa #LiveLodgycal weekend wasn’t enough for you, here are the juicy details of what happens when the cool folks at Blogadda and the good people at Renault meet 50 Bloggers from across the country. *Drum Roll*

Day 1.

Actually, my journey started on the 18th June at the Dehradun airport, amidst rains. Monsoon was here!

Choppy Sea in Monsoons. Clicked at The Leela’s beach.

The next day I was to fly to Goa and at the Delhi airport, I met Manjulika and instantly we went into a never ending conversation complete with giggles and snorts and hysterical laughter – and no one could believe that we haven’t met before! I also met the awesome Rekha Kakkar and together we set out for Goa.

Air Asia flight from Delhi to Goa

At the Goa airport, we were received in style by The Leela staff, with cool boards welcoming bloggers and making us feel like celebrities.

We were guided to a bus that was waiting for us, with a few Mumbai bloggers already settled in. This is where I met Rutavi and Ragini Puri and non stop conversations started again. When we reached The Leela, a tilak and marigold flower welcome later, we met the Blogadda team and were given our Lodgy Kit.

The Tee, and Blogadda’s personalized letter
The name tag


There were refreshments arranged for us and I fueled up on coffee and a couple of tasty prawn and mango snack – don’t know the name but will ask the food bloggers I got to know during this meet and update this space, hehe.

Later on, I found out that my roomie was Ragini Puri who I had just met in the bus and together we headed to the buggy that took us to Room No 311. Here, I should mention that The Leela is a BEAUTIFUL property and the buggy ride to our room was accentuated with oohs and ahhs from us at the pretty sights everywhere. 

View from the room

Our room was so pretty, with a lavish lotus pond view. 

Just to do it justice, let me say again – The Leela is a beautiful property, with natural streams, adorable wooden bridges and lotus-in-the-pond kind of stunning sights everywhere. It was like a dream vacation. 

The Lotus Pond at The Leela Beach resort, Goa

At sharp 7 in the evening, (okay, okay , more like 7:25pm for Ragini and Me) all bloggers sat inside the Hampi Hall of The Leela, where we met our teams. Team #LodgicallyCrazy had the kannad pulls-a-truck-by-rope actor Prateek, the fully filmy Nirav (they are real brother!), Ragini the sweetheart and I.

RJ Archana, the host for the evening was adorable and smart and oh-so-chic! Good choice, Blogadda!

Giving a video “byte” to Archana on The Lodgy. Click by Prateek, who was SO much fun!

A short presentation about the Lodgy by the product manager Manish followed. It was good to know that Renault came to India in 2011, and already has 150 outlets in the country. Duster in no stranger to any Indian city and road – the car is everywhere! And the Lodgy is based on the Duster platform, which is a good place to start for mechanical advantage. Renault’s tried-and-tested 1.5-litre diesel engine powers The Lodgy (like Duster), and is offered in two states of tune – 84bhp and 108bhp. Excited to drive the car the next day, I made a mental note to check out the huge looking boot space and see it it can fit two dogs for a long drive. Fauji habits die hard, I guess.

Teams then introduced themselves – there were ten teams in total and we were the 10th team so obviously they were saving the best for the last here. 

Team #LodgycallyCrazy. Picture credit: Prateek.

The best part was when bloggers wanted to take selfies with me because – get this – they, or someone they knew well, had read and loved my book! I could have done a Michael Jackson pelvic thrust right there with a high pitched “Aaaooo!” – but I decide to be civil and smiled pleasantly for the selfies. Meeting fellow bloggers was amazing. Another high point of the evening was when I went to meet Deepak Ji to introduce myself and say a hello-I-love-your-pictures, he said “Aditi, Of course. I’ve read you.”
Day. Was. Made.

The best thing about writers is that they are a bunch of insanely creative and talented people (including yours truly, obviously) and are so much fun.

India’s Top 40 Bloggers. Picture credit: Blogadda

Day 2.

It stared with breakfast, after which all of us – dressed in our Renault Lodgy tee-shirts, waited for the Lodgy fleet to arrive. The first look of The Lodgy was amazing, we were all impressed. 

After a quick briefing at The Riverside, we piled into the Lodgy assigned to us and each team was flagged off. Our task was a 27 km drive to The Lalit, and Blogadda has a lot of quirky and super fun sub-tasks in mind for the bloggers. We were asked on Twitter, to click pictures of a red car, a woman with a pink umbrella, a frog, a yellow house and a lot more. And as if to add more madness to this super fun drive, the Goa rains became our constant companion. 

At The Lalit, we had a good lunch and enjoyed free flowing conversations.

That’s Ashwini the poet, posing with the dessert. 

When it was time to drive back, we exchanged the cars with another model of The Lodgy and this time I sat back in the second row and enjoyed the drive. When we reached The Leela, after a quick break, we flocked to the Hampi again and I was a part of a very cool panel, where I spoke about publishing a book, which can be safely assumed to be THE dream for approximately 74.28% bloggers (stats completely made up). 
Just about to speak!

After the session, the big party started! Along with an open bar, there was music, there was singing, and there was dance. What’s not to love? I danced a lot, and the band was mixing up some really good numbers to keep it interesting. Neha sang a few beautiful songs and Prateek sang too, and together the bloggers danced the night away.

Read the writing on the wall! Thank you Deepka ji for this wonderful click.

Day 3.

The next day, after a hearty breakfast of chocolate waffles and idli-sambhar and insanely cute looking cupcakes, and about other 500 delicious things at The Leela, all 50 bloggers headed to the airport. But the weekend did not end there, at the airport, we spent hours talking, laughing and just cementing the bond we made in the past couple of days. I had a wonderful time at the #livelodgycal event and I sincerely want to thank Blogadda, Harish (who is a part of Blogadda and is the only one I don’t have a picture with and I can kick myself for it), the Renalt team which was incredible and so refreshingly digital savvy, and all the fellow bloggers who made it totally worth it.

Team #LodgycallyCrazy 
I know I’ve made friends for life during the #livelodgycal weekend and that’s the best thing, isn’t it?

I now end this speech post with a few (more!) pictures. Credits are given below each pic.

India's Top Blogger Aditi Mathur Kumar
Renault Tweeted this.

Best Blogger in India Aditi Mathur Kumar
From the Happy Face series by Atul Sabnis
Most Popular Blog in India
Instant Friends! 

Mandatory Washroom Selfie with adorable Neha Kapoor

More pictures here.
That’s all folks. Live Lodgycal, and keep reading. Ta!

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by in association with Renault India

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