Say No To Unpleasant Odors: My Ambi Pur Air Effects Review

I am an Army Wife. I stay in fauji accommodations, most of which were built ages ago. Literally. I mean, there are upgraded to suit the current times and there is regular maintenance of all kinds, but because of the age of these buildings, and also because of the climatic conditions of certain places, there are a few constant issues to deal with, the most annoying of all being: Odors of Various Kind.

Ambi Pur Product Review

These odors can be a result of various things:
  • Moldy and damp walls due to non stop rains in the north east
  • Sweaty residents of the house because of the extremely hot and humid Delhi, Rajasthan and Punjab
  • Faulty drainage 
  • Stinky shoes, after a marathon session of exercise (by the husband, obviously. exercise and me? Ha ha)
  • Cooking of Garlic, Fish, Egg in large amounts because of Formal Dinners parties at home 
And many more.

But the point is, one can deal with other things like a rickety door or a light switch that won’t work, but how does one live with unpleasant house hold odors? HOW?

They say you get used to them after a while – mostly of the dog owners are found saying this.
My experience says no, you never get used to living with an unpleasant smell. 

Some will tell you to hoard incense sticks in overpowering Jasmine or numb-your-senses Rose. 
To this I say, thanks but no thanks. Incense gives me a sneeze-fit and I simply can’t let my house-smells to get the better out of my common sense. (Imagine a house smelling of chloroform-y Jasmine, Jeeze!)

Then there are some other popular suggestions like: 
  • Using aroma oils that have the potential to trigger the most minute of allergies in a human,
  • Using Baking Soda to get rid of all smells. Seriously? How much of it do you buy?
  • Using a generous amount of floor disinfectant that makes the house smell like a hospital. Who wants that, hmm?
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All useless suggestions, obviously, and I know because I have tried all of the these. Only because I had no option till now.

However, last week I tried the Ambi Pur Air Effects spray and the results were really good. Not only is the Ambi Pur spray – I used the Blossom & Breeze variant – comes in a handy & easy-to-use pack, it is also an excellent mixture of subtle, so as to not make you gag with the strong overpowering smell, and long lasting so as you don’t have to fanatically keep spraying the house like a woman possessed. Trust me, I have been that women.

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The spray is subtle and refreshing

The package and the ads say that it “Doesn’t Just Cover. Truly Removes Odors” and I found it true. The fragrance is fresh, and once sprayed in a room, it stays for almost 5 to 6 hours in my house, which has a kid spilling all sorts of things everywhere – food to paints, mud to milk. 

Ambi Pur Product Review Blog Post
Ambi Pur Air Effects Air Spray: Blossom & Breeze

My final review of the Blossom & Breeze variant of the Ambi Pur Air Effects spray is:
  • It is subtle, doesn’t overpower the house with a strong hit the moment you enter the house.
  • It is fresh, smells like mountains and flowers
  • Lasts up to 5 to 6 hours in my house – which has a toddler, and the doors and windows always open for fresh air and sunlight
  • If the house smells of certain kind of cooking – fish, tadka or garlic, the spray can be used to instantly get rid of the odors
  • In case of moldy and damn walls or clothes or even dog-coat odors, the Ambi Pur spray works really well by not only masking the smell, but by getting rid of it completely
So, I say you give it a try in case you suffer from the same house-hold odor issue like 2 out of every 3 Indian women who agree that household odors are common in every home. Say no to unpleasant odors with Ambi Pur Air Effects products.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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