Ashok Banker & His Prince of Ayodhya

I have been an Ashok Banker Fan for years and year now, and I have lost the number of times I’ve read The Prince of Ayodhya – and yes, the entire mesmerizing Ramayana series too. 
Now that Amish Tripathi’s next book is exploring slightly similar realms of Lord Ram from a unique perspective, I think it’s time I announce to the world that I am sure I will love Amish’s story of Ram, and I hope he sells a million copies and then some more, but for me, where Ram is considered, Ashok’s portrayal of him will be the best!
Ashok Banker Books Ramayana
Before reading Ashok’s Ramayana series, I thought of Lord Ram as nothing more than a mister-goody-two-shoes who didn’t stand up to his evil step mother and promptly left for the wild, hence betraying an entire kingdom. To me, Ram was someone who was called Maryada Purushottam without deserving it, someone who fought an entire war to bring back his wife who was captured like a commodity and was suffering all because of him and his brother’s “nosy” exploits in the first place, and who banished this very same wife at the first incident of some totally random person’s vile comment about her character. Phew.
Yes. I pretty much hated the idea of worshiping Ram. 
And anyway, Ramayana has always been more about the mighty Lord Hanuman for me. 
But Ashok painted a different picture, and I was spellbound. I began to see things differently, to see reason in this enchanting mythology and I began to understand Ramayana like I never did. 
It could be the fan in me typing this, because I am a HUGE Ashok K. Banker fan, but it’s true. Example is the image below – a screen shot from a long time ago that I still keep on my phone. I had shared a picture about my book and the very kind and inspiring Ashok shared it on his Google+ page. 
Best Army Book India

Ashok has spent some time in Devlali as a kid and that is where I was, because I am an Army Wife and I travel too much, when I realized that his story telling talent is magical, and even on emails, it was outstanding to read the words written by him. What talent! 

Just to show off a little bit – I once planned meticulously for him to attend a book reading event for my then-newly launched book, and he was very generous and highly encouraging. That event did not happen because we could not finalize the venue and my publishers were busy at the time, and then he had to leave for LA, but knowing that my favorite author would have been there, is enough for now. 

So if you haven’t already, go read his Ramayana Series and let me know what you think, okay? Happy reading!

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